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Blogging Day 118: DIY: Egg Carton Ring Organizer

In my last blog I stated that those sexy ankle boots I bought were going to be the last things I bought myself til Christmas. Not 20 minutes later I was on EBay looking for a ring holder for my rings. I was about to buy them when I remembered that I'm not suppose to be buying anything for myself.

Denied a shopping high, and wanting very badly an organizer for my rings; I started thinking on how I could get around having a ring organizer and not buying it, all at the same time. I am a very crafty person and found this to be a very interesting challenge.

Of course being denied something makes you want it even more. So, with desire eating away at me, my synapses were working on over time. With the extra push in brain power, I came up with today's DIY.

 Of course, being a princess, I could not be satisfied with just a plain hold egg carton. I had to add a little 'bling-bling' princess style.

Let's Begin!

Items you will need:

Cardboard Egg Carton(s)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Stretchy Fabric
Plastic Flat back Gems
Nail Polish(optional, explanation later on)

First, you will need to choose where you wish to place your ring organizer and make the egg carton fit.

I decided to use two 18 count egg cartons and to keep  them in a plastic organizer draw I got from Walmart. They fit perfectly, except for the last row, so I cut them out. Do not throw away cut out! You will need them.

If you do have to cut out any part of your carton you will lose the high back edge, which is very important.

That is where the extra pieces come in, because they do still have that high backed edge. Just trim the middle part down, so that it will be easier to attach, and glue to the main carton.


Second, attach the fabric.

I am using two layers of fabric. This was originally a skirt I found at Goodwill. Goodwill is a very good place to find cool fabric on the cheap. The best fabrics have usually been made into the ugliest dresses you have ever seen.

Before I used the fabric, I cut off the elastic and saved it. ALWAYS remember to save elastic, buttons, and zippers when reusing fabric. You never know when you will need them.

Next, lay the fabric over an individual carton. To make sure you have enough fabric, do a test by pushing the fabric in all of the cups. You will want to have atleast three extra inches hanging off each side just incase. It's not an exact science, but you will get an idea of how much fabric you are going to need.

Now, to attach the fabric to the carton, find the exact middle of your fabric and glue it to the bottom of the middle cup. To glue, place glue on the bottom of the cup and then push down on the fabric with your finger.

Now, after the first few times of doing this, I got tired of burning my finger and I found using the top of nail polish bottle works just as good. When using the nail polish bottle, hold for a minute, until the glue is cooled completely. If you remove before, the fabric will rip off the carton.

Now, if that happens turn the carton over, and rip a hole in the bottom and squeeze some glue in. Hold both sides of the carton until cooled. Do not worry about the hole, it will be filled with the glue.


After doing the middle cup, work on the surrounding cups and continue branching off until finished. Gently pull on the fabric when gluing down each part, it will make for a tighter fitting holder.

Now once you have done with the top, it is now time to glue down the sides.

Just squeeze on glue to the sides and press down the fabric. Once done, onto the next step, or if you have decided to use two fabrics, a solid and a sheer, like I have, repeat until the second fabric is secure.


Third step, glue on the jewels.

It is a simple step of putting some glue on the jewel and some on the on the holder. Then press down on the jewel, until the glue cools.


I decided on using pink for the bottom of each cup and clear on top.

Once finished, fill up with your stylish rings. The circled  items are future DIYs. The butterfly and top item are barrettes, while the pink bubble beads are a ring. If you remember, the pink flower and pearl ring  is a DIY from Day 103 and the rose ring in the middle is a DIY from Day 68. Check the Labels to the right and click on DIY Fashion to find those posts.

The purple ring is a variation of the pink flowered ring. Instead of using three pearls I used a single button. The pearls just didn't look right with the flower because the purple I used was such a dark color. I thought this button inside the flower kinda looked like the moon in the night sky. 

 I made it for my best buddy at work, except she is on vacation and has to wait til she gets back to have it... I only say this because I know she reads my blog and I wish to torture her as she sleeps til noon and catches up on Glee and Dexter while lazing on the couch with her cats.

Hehehehe, and you thought you would have a week off from my evil ways!  

FYI- Wasn't the season finale of Dexter amazing?!?! Can not wait til next Season!

Veggie and Fruit Update:

I was bad :( I only had four servings on Friday, 2 on Saturday and Sunday and 4 yesterday. Today I had only three. I have noticed three mistakes: One, I must prepare my lunches the night before. Two, I must have a fruit/veggie with every meal. Saving them til the last meal is not an option. Three, I most blog about it. I find it much easier to keep with it if I blog about it that night. Blogging about it keeps me in line because it's easy to lie to myself about things, especially when dieting. So, I'm off to go make my salad for lunch tomorrow and find a fruit for breakfast.

<3 Zerila

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Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

Heh, evil ways. The organizer came out great! I bow down to your craftiness. Now when you take your rings off you have to actually put them in the organizer so you know where they are. BTW, I want it NOW!

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