Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Where Have You Been?

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


Where have I been?

Computerless that is where I have been....

I do not have a computer and for awhile I did not have a smart phone.

Note to Self: Taking an IPhone for a swim is a BAD idea....

<.<      >.>

Yeah, I did that.

Now, my computer, which is about ten years old... died. That computer was my back-up computer.

Sooo.... I am currently on a friend's  computer typing this up very quickly. I'm thinking I will be doing Vlogs until I can get back up and running on a regular computer. Typing a blog on my Android is an interesting type of torture I'm not into.

I will post my first Vlog tomorrow and just remember these will raw and unedited.

OK, hope you are enjoying your Holidays!!!

Because I'm not.... I'm sick with a super cold and it looks like I will be getting just well enough to go back to work.... Here's hoping I will be back to my normal self .... I'm leaving for the Bahamas on Jan.1.

*crossing my fingers*

<3 Zerila 

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Lost and Unknown said...

Missed you! Hope your holidays have been good!