Zerila's Life is a blog about my life and the craziness that exists in it. You as my reader will be my new best friend who I show all the cool things I find and make. You will geek out with me when I get a cool new game, a new toy, the latest book or the latest Doctor Who episode. You will help me in the epic battle that I call weight loss. Basically, you are here to enjoy the ride I call life.

Who is this Zerila chick?

I'm 29. I work for a good company as a bid editor. I have no clue what I truly want to do with my life. 
I <3 DIYs!!!!
 I am a geek, nerd, book worm, dweeb... whatever you like to call it. I am that. 

Hope you like craziness. I must warn you I'm a bit neurotic, or so I'm told.... and many people happen to agree to that statement. Don't worry, we all have a dash of mental problems and accepting that is the first step.

I  have a bit of a princess complex. Why?  Because I am a Princess. Follow my logic. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. I am a Christian and as a Christian I'm a child of Jesus Christ. A daughter of a King is a Princess. Therefore I am a Princess.

 Logic is an awesome tool!

Either way, pink in my favorite color and sparkly things distract me. Whenever I get the chance I sit on my throne and enjoy telling people what to do.

My family and friends are extremely important to me. Whenever I get the chance, we end up getting into some sort of trouble.

I love to go shopping! I particular enjoy a good flea market or thrift store. I do not make alot of money, so most of the things I buy are either on sale or from a second hand store. Except for make-up, I love to splurge on make-up.

I L<3VE the water.

Which sucks sometimes because I have a horrible body image since gaining weight. What can I say ladies, it's a struggle.

Zerila Jay, is that your real name?

Nope, Zerila is my avatar/nickname name. I created Zerila the first time I played a MMORG. Whenever I play video games or dungeons and dragons my character's name is Zerila.

When I started writing this blog I decided Zerila would be prefect for this. Besides, my real name is super boring and mundane.

<3 Zerila