Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogging Day 73: Ten Things I Learned from Resident Evil 4

After 23 hours, 19minutes and 34 seconds of my life I have finally defeated Resident Evil 4(an old game, but I’ve just been busy). I know ...I know. I am so awesome.
I started watching my brothers playing the game and I thought, hey this is cool.( I beat the game before them by the way :OP ) Hours later Zerila is addicted!!!! At times it was sleep... Resident Evil 4...sleep... Resident Evil 4…sleep.....RESIDENT EVIL 4!
 In the middle of the night it starts to get hard to focus on your target.
My ultra cool stats were:
    Hit Ratio: 63%... Well they died in the long run anyways
    Enemies Killed:  974.... Yeah baby yeah!!!
    # of times killed: 71...stupid bad guys
My brother and I compiled this list of 10 important things we have learned since playing this game. Very valuable information that everyone should know
1.  Just because you shot a person's head off doesn't mean he/she is dead. Only when he/she turns to dust, is he/she dead.  (Stupid Las Plagas...)
2.    If you hear a chainsaw, it's time to start running. (My other brother says this should be a universal rule
3.    Never go on a vacation to rural Europe. You'll end up in a village ban fire or worse...
4.    Rural villages in Europe with only about 20 houses have close to 600+ population.
5.    If you join a religion and they require you to shot unknown substance into your body... it’s time to find a different path of enlightenment.
6.    Ballistic missiles are another name for the female attributes.  (Seriously, who writes this stuff?!?!?!)
7.     If you are not familiar with the waters you are about to swim in think twice. Who knows what is living underneath those calm waters.
8.    When you decided to become a President's daughter knowledge in the gun department would be a wise idea, especially before going on vacations in Europe. It makes it easier for your rescuer to rescue if you aren't completely incompetent.
9.     Do not attack the cows.... they have a mean kick.
10.  Even though the entire area is going wacko, you can still find some quack who is trying to make money off of it.
These are the most valuable things I learned while playing the game. If you have more important knowledge that needs to be shared with the world, Please add your wise words.
Now, off to Resident Evil 5! Plus, I get to play a girl this time! I don't know about you other gamer girls, but sometimes I just pass over a game because there is no option to play the best gender of all time!
<3 Zerila

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogging Day 71: Confessions of a Geek

Before you all keep reading my blogs and think I'm super awesome and cool, I must reveal a few things to you. I am a Geek. Yes, this is for all of you that did not realize that I was a  Geek. For those of you that know me and are like, duh, let me tell you, its a shock to some people that I am! I know, its amazing how blind they are to who I really am.
Here are a few things I like that deem geeky to the outside world:

I like roleplaying. All my life I have been roleplaying and putting groups together and starting adventures. In fact I have play many massive online roleplaying game.

I like everything pink. I saw a pink tool set in the magazine the other day and wanted it just because it was pink. I own 6 purses, just because they are pink.

I am a customer service rep for a janiorial and kitchen supply company.

I still live with my parents.

I love to read books. I would like more to read a book then hang out with a crowd.

I do not smoke, do drugs or have sex( the whoole I'm a Christian and believe sex is for marriage thing. Hard, but one God says no, I find it best to listen).

I drive a silver stylish stationwagon  and I think its cool.

Any given day I would love to hangout with my family more then my friends. Around my family I am much more free in my actions. They already know I'm stupid and seen me at my worst moment anyways.

I think guy geeks are cute. There's just something about the glasses and other geeky quailities that I can't get enough of  

I am a geek and I always will be. In fact I go to a support group, where I stand in front of a crowd and say:
   "Hello my name is Zerila and I am a Geek. I know that being termed a Geek is not bad, but a definition of how I am different from the masses of the world. There is nothing wrong with being a Geek."
Well, not really, but I would

Anyways, I love things that most people would fine weird.  I want to hear all my fellow geeks! Confess your true selves to the world.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogging Day 70: Get Out There and Vote!

I can not blog alot today because I have a Unix project due and I need to get a cracka-lackin on it, but I want to discuss something very important! VOTING!

I do not care who you are voting for, get your butt out there and vote!

No matter who you are, someone has sacrificed everything to give you the right to vote. Many people around the word pray for this right and we have at our finger tips.


Voting to boring for you? Bring a friend! My family and I are planning on eatting out afterwards. You can do the same! Meet after to for drinks in celebration of being able to choose your government leaders.

Corny? Maybe, but it is an idea. Sometimes people just need a reason to grab a burger and enjoy maragaritas.... voting could be one of them.


Blogging Day 69: New Clothes!!!

Yes, you read the title correct. I'm on a high of new clothes.

Last week Torrid had  a 30% off sell on all their items with free shipping for over $100.00 for 30 hours on their website, and of course I jumped on that.

I had this item on my wish list for awhile and was hoping it would go on sale before it went out of stock.  I think it's very edgy and elegant. Good for work, but awesome for a night out with the girls.

I saw this shirt in the store last time I was at the mall and wanted it the minute I saw the bead work on the shoulder. Only problem is I'm not sure if I am going to keep it. Why? Because I don't feel comfortable wearing no sleeves anywhere and always have a cardigan over my tanks to cover my arms. I  will try my different cardigans and if nothing can be done to show the beads, I'm going to return. Beautiful shirt though....

Lastly, I bought these really cool thigh boots.

I know what your thinking, didn't this girl say she was a Christan in her description?!?

Yes I did, but man these were to cute to pass up!  I will probably only wear these under my dress pants, but I will know they are there and it will make me feel uber sexy.

Weird logic, but I feel sometimes girls that dress conservatively have that one thing in the closet that they  bring out when they are feeling frumpy. For some, it could be that lacy bra, black underwear or the silky pajamas. But, once you put it one, you feel like Wonder Woman, and that nothing is going to stand in your way. Men will bow down to the awesome woman that you are! I am woman, here me ROAR! Oh, yeah!

hehehehe... I'm so weird.

Anyways, if you are a plus size female, this is definitely the shop for you!

I <3 new clothes!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogging Day 68: DIY: Turning a Pendant into a Stylish Ring

I ran over to the thrift store and got the following things:

I love a good thrift store hunt! I was actually looking for buttons, my supply is running a bit low. As always I found many  cool items, just not the buttons I was looking for. I spent a total of $10.53.

I saw the rose pendant and thought what a cool ring this would make! SO... here we go!

First you will need the following:

Crafting Glue- I use Amazing Goop craft glue instead of super glue because it is super strong. Use in ventilated area.
Rhinestone Picker-Upper-  I do not know what the official name of it is.
Pin/Pendant- I choose the rose, but any decorative pin will do. It is your choice, you have the power! Enjoy the power! I know I do!
Adjustable Ring with platform- I choose the thicker band because I think it adds a little bit of elegance.
Jewelry Cutter- Again, not sure what the proper name is.
Rhinestones- I am using clear, plain ones. Again, you are going to wear the ring, so pick the color that looks good on your ring. Or, you can totally skip this part. Your pendant may already be perfect enough.

All of the items, except the pendant, I bought at Michaels and can be found at any craft store.

First: Remove the Backing of Your Pendant:
Use the cutters to grab a hold and remove the backing. I did not have a problem, it depends on your pendant on what will happen. Some metal ones are screwed/welded so you might have to cut off the backing.
After taking the picture I notice one of the leaves was broken, so go ahead and use your cutters to remove it too.

Second: Glue the pendant onto the ring.
On the directions for the glue it says to put glue on both items you are gluing together. I used to much, so I just grabbed a scrap piece of paper to scrap it off.

Last: Time to glue the rhinestones to the pendant:

I squirted out some glue on the scrap piece of paper and using the rhinestone picker-upper, I picked up a rhinestone. Then I dabbed it into the glue and placed it on the pendant. At first I placed one on each petal like the above, but I didn't like the look,  so I decided to just do rhinestones on the five lower petals like the piture below:

Sometimes less is more
I wore this to work today and got tons of compliments.
Oh, and for all my Zombie readers, no lusting over my sausage fingers! They are mine, and no I will not let you taste them!

I don't know about you, but I hate it when Zombies cross those personal boundary lines. Very awkward for all parties,

All done! That was simple and super cheap! If I turn any more pendants into rings, I will post pictures in my other DIYs.

Have fun! Remember: Be creative, Be Imaginative and Make it your own!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blogging Day 67: Oh, How I Have Missed Blogging!

It, alas, has been awhile since I have last blogged. What has kept me away so long? Lack of imitative is the only excuse that I can think of.

I am back and I have tons of ideas to write about in my blog. SO, wish me luck and we will see if I can keep it up.

First, today is Sunday and I am going to keep Sundays to church related topics.

Yes, I am a Christian and try to go to church every Sunday. Am I good Christian? No, I stink at being a Christian.  I haven't been going to church regularly for about a year and half now, but I am determined to get my butt back into gear. For all my Christian readers, you know what I mean by, if I do not get my butt into gear, God will help me on my way with a swift kick in the butt.

Yes, you heard me right, a swift kick in the butt. I feel sometimes the world seems to think that we Christian's think that once we become Christians our lives become perfect. If anyone believes they are missing a few screws. What we have is hope and realization that we are loved by our creator God and Jesus Christ. I think the Marine Corp   motto, 'We didn't promise you a rose garden’, basically describes the Christian life. It is worth it.

Anyway, I will start blogging about my way back into being a better Christian and I think will blog about it on Sundays just to keep myself inline.

Must remember that prayer everyday is essential and a good first step in my journey.