Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogging Day 70: Get Out There and Vote!

I can not blog alot today because I have a Unix project due and I need to get a cracka-lackin on it, but I want to discuss something very important! VOTING!

I do not care who you are voting for, get your butt out there and vote!

No matter who you are, someone has sacrificed everything to give you the right to vote. Many people around the word pray for this right and we have at our finger tips.


Voting to boring for you? Bring a friend! My family and I are planning on eatting out afterwards. You can do the same! Meet after to for drinks in celebration of being able to choose your government leaders.

Corny? Maybe, but it is an idea. Sometimes people just need a reason to grab a burger and enjoy maragaritas.... voting could be one of them.


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