Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogging Day 69: New Clothes!!!

Yes, you read the title correct. I'm on a high of new clothes.

Last week Torrid had  a 30% off sell on all their items with free shipping for over $100.00 for 30 hours on their website, and of course I jumped on that.

I had this item on my wish list for awhile and was hoping it would go on sale before it went out of stock.  I think it's very edgy and elegant. Good for work, but awesome for a night out with the girls.

I saw this shirt in the store last time I was at the mall and wanted it the minute I saw the bead work on the shoulder. Only problem is I'm not sure if I am going to keep it. Why? Because I don't feel comfortable wearing no sleeves anywhere and always have a cardigan over my tanks to cover my arms. I  will try my different cardigans and if nothing can be done to show the beads, I'm going to return. Beautiful shirt though....

Lastly, I bought these really cool thigh boots.

I know what your thinking, didn't this girl say she was a Christan in her description?!?

Yes I did, but man these were to cute to pass up!  I will probably only wear these under my dress pants, but I will know they are there and it will make me feel uber sexy.

Weird logic, but I feel sometimes girls that dress conservatively have that one thing in the closet that they  bring out when they are feeling frumpy. For some, it could be that lacy bra, black underwear or the silky pajamas. But, once you put it one, you feel like Wonder Woman, and that nothing is going to stand in your way. Men will bow down to the awesome woman that you are! I am woman, here me ROAR! Oh, yeah!

hehehehe... I'm so weird.

Anyways, if you are a plus size female, this is definitely the shop for you!

I <3 new clothes!

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