Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogging Day 285: Lip Stick Primer Reveiw: Urban Decoy or Two Faced?

Which One

                                                                                        Which One by Zerila on

I was at Sephora the other day checking all the primers they had and I wondered if they had a lipstick primer. Eyeshadow primer changed my world. Before, all my make-up would fall into the crease by the end of the day and who wants to spend time actually doing make-up if two seconds later it's going to move? No one! I was hoping they would have something that would keep me from reapplying my lipstick constantly.

 I spoke to the Sephora associates and they pointed out to the Urban Decay and Too Faced. I bought both for experimental purposes.

According to both Urban Decay and Too Faced websites, both are used for lip glosses and lipsticks. So, I tried both primers on lipsticks and lip glosses.
Out of the forms of the primer, I like Urban Decay's best.The Too Faced primer uses a wand application and I'm not too happy about that. Like most of the lip glosses I have, once you get down to a certain amount it is hard to get the last bit. On the other hand Urban Decay uses the lipstick form primer and there will be no problem getting the last bit.
For application, both went on clear. You can tell you have something on your lips, a thin sheer layer.  Both went on smoothly. I liked the Urban Decay's a bit more, it felt creamier while. Too Faced felt dry.
 Did they help make my lip gloss/lipstick last longer? Yes, but for the Too Faced it lasted til I got to work, which is about 2 hours. The Urban Decay lasted about an hour longer and then started to fade.
I would definitely go for the Urban Decay if I had a choice between the two. Neither had the effect I wanted, I want something to last much longer.
Does anyone out there know of a better primer? I need help choosing one. I want to enjoy lipstick like I do my eyeshadow.
<3 Zerila
Waters- Good
Veggies/Fruits-Bad... I didn't realize till right now that I only maybe had two today. (sigh)


Ruth said...

if you use a stain instead it will last a ton longer. also, what about using a nude lip pencil as a primer to hold the lippie color?

Zerila said...

I'm not a fan of lip stain. Feels dry. Don't get me wrong I like the effect, it's just feels weird. I never thought about a lip pencil. Next time we go to Sephora, I'll have to look inot that.