Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogging Day 284: Hello Kitty XBox 360

For my birthday I got an Xbox 360 along with 'Dragon Age 2'.

Xbox 360 4GB Console

Dragon Age 2

Our old Xbox 360 broke and while breaking damaged my old DA2.

FYI, my romantic interest  in DA2 is Fernis.

Why? Why not. Emo guys do it for me ;op

Anyway, this is the first time I have gotten a console. Usually I wait it out and  get my brothers to spend all their money. I'm sneaky like that.

I decided since this is MY XBox 360, I'm going to girlify it.

I went and grabbed all girly things I could attach to my Xbox.

This is what I found:

Of course I couldn't use everything, but I didn't have a true plan in mind yet. The possiblities were endless.

This is what I came up with:

The front I kept simple. Just a few pink sparkles and a sticker. This gems had little stickies on the back, so need for glue here.

Now for the top:

I tried so hard to get a good picture of the Hello Kitty, but it was so hard since the words were so shiny. The Hello Kitty decoration is from the box that had the 100 point gift from Sephora I got and showed everyone on Blogging Day 172. I kept the box because I thought it was so cool and I knew I would do something with it!

Most of the gems had stickies on the back, but the ones that didn't I used super glue.  The two big round glitter pink circles boarding the Hello Kitty, are actually buttons. I cut off the backs and glued them on! Buttons can be used on ANYTHING!!!

Note to self: find a different glue besides super glue. When it drys it turns white and it looks messy. Anyone have any suggestions?

Either way I had alot of fun! I bling-blinged my Xbox 360, and made it my own! Sometimes I feel the gaming companies do not give us girls enough in variety. Of course, making my own variety is always better.

Also, I marked my controller too! No guess work on who this one belongs too!

I used the skull and sneaker because I kick butt and bring death to evil doers with this controller. :D Watch out Zombies!!

Of course, I just went up stairs and saw my communist brother using my controller. He states that he is very secure in his man hood and has no problem playing with a pink controller....grrr...

<3 Zerila

Water- Good, but with the heat being so bad today I think I should have had more.
Veggies- Tomatoes, carrots and broccoli.  I had fresh carrots, not yucky old soap tasting ones. Real baby carrots, because Make sure they are real baby carrots.



Anonymous said...

that is so rad

Zerila said...

Thank you!!!!