Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogging Day 287: Xmen First Class

Where is Banshee in this picture?

I saw Xmen:First Class and it was amazing! By far the best Xmen movie yet.

The only Xmen comic series I've read is Ultimate Xmen and that started when Professor X was bald and already in the wheelchair. So, I do not know the true story of how the Xmen started, so my review is based off never reading the beginning.

Watching this movie I can tell how Magento became who he was. Having your powers first manifesting in a Nazi training camp is never good. Honestly, all that was portrayed in the back story of Magento, I would have a hard time choosing Professor X's side. Come to think about it, after everything that  happened in the movie, I would choose the side of Magento. It would be hard to want to save the people that continually try to kill you. Especially when you have all that power.

Plus, Erik was super hot in this movie.
Erik was played by Michael Fassbender, who I just found out plays Mr. Rochester in the new Jane Erye movie. That movie is going to the top of my Netflix Queue.

I think, I definitely have a thing for men with tortured and brooding souls. The love interest I choose in Dragon Age 2 was Fenris, I thought McNair from Being Human was hot, now Magneto and do not even get me started on Mr. Rochester from Jane Erye. Maybe that is where my tortured soul fetish started, from when I first read Jane Erye.

Hmmm... this speaks volumes for my furture relatioships. Pray for me now!

Back to the point, every scene that Magento was in, I could not look away.  Michael Fassbender did an amazing job.

Best scene/Line: " I agree with everything you are doing, but... you killed my mother."

James McAvoy is another favorite actor of mine. Very well rounded, he is great in action, drama and comedy films.

I think James did a marvelous job playing professor X. Unfortunately, there were times when Charles and Raven were interacting together and I was thinking, " You may be a super genius, but you are so dumb when it comes to the human feelings." Which probably makes Professor X the person he is, still sometime you just want slap him upside the head for not seeing Raven and her pain.

Now one other actor I was watching was Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique because she is going to be playing Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

 I always saw Mystique as this powerful self-assured woman ,and it never occurred to me at any moment that there was time that she didn't think so. I never understood her lack of clothes, I would never be confident enough with my body to go around in the buff.

In this movie Raven is never comfortable in her own skin, and it was a battle for her throughout the movie to become comfortable. Knowing her history and her struggles, it makes Mystique more human that she went through what every female has gone through. Being able to be comfortable in your own skin is an accomplishment in which I have yet to achieve.

The one thing I did not like about Mystique, that doesn't even have do with Jennifer, but her costume, is her HAIR. It is always so stiff! If you do a google image on Mystique her hair is never stiff, it's lush and flow-y. I think they could have done a better job.

Four things I have to mention:

1. Did anyone know Kevin Bacon was in this movie??!?! I did not! I was surprised when I saw him, especially on how big of a part he played.

2. Cameos of two older Xmen: Keep your eyes open for Wolverine(Hugh Jackman) and Mystique(Rebecca Romijn)

3. There is a "Guess Who" moment in the film when Charles wears Cerebral. How many Xmen can you name? I only got one because it was SO obvious.

4. No clip at the end after the credits, not need to wait like I did.

<3 Zerila

Veggies- Good Salad for Lunch, Peaches for Breakfast, and snacking on cucumber for dinner.


Lost and Unknown said...

sounds good. ^^

Zerila said...

It was awesome! You should totally see it :)