Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogging Day 303: Tokidoki & Sephora Shoppin'

 Needed a few essentials from Sephora and these are the extras that I bought!

This is the Adieu Chromatic Palette by Tokidoki. I had been in Sephora a couple of weeks ago and saw this and feel in love with the colors.

I can not get enough of Tokidoki's art. Very anime like, along with a bit of creepy. Which in essence is anime.

It comes with a cute little charm. I wanted the pink one that came with another set, but... alas I liked the colors on this one much better.

So PRETTY!!!! 
Carina         Ciao Ciao
Adieu           Al Dente 

I would have chosen different names, but oh well!

Al Dente - Adieu - Ciao Ciao - Carina

I like the purple sparkles in the Al Dente black.

Next thing I bought is a make-up case. I think it will be perfect for the cruise.

I'm not a fan of the brown, white and black. They had a pink one, but as it was on clearance they were all sold out.

It uses magnets, not snaps or Velcro, to close.

Unfolded you can see the three compartments.

I left the stuff stuffing inside to show where the compartments are.

The middle bag is Velcroed on and can be removed to where you can store your make-up brushes with a plastic protection flap.

On top there is a little mirror that also can be removed.

The hanger folds over nicely when folding it back up.

I think the cool thing about this is that I can either fold it and store, or hang it up in a closet.

Anyway, that's it. Not a major shopping trip, which during the summer I'm not willing to do. Way to much stuff to do!

<3 Zerila
Water: Check!
Veggies: Radishes, Grapes, Salad, check!