Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blogging Day 228: Has Anyone Seen My Monologue?

I have been looking for this thing for the past two weeks. For the past four days, I went into serious search mode and started ripping things off thebook shelf, just to find this stupid monologue! My room is a mess... nothing new, but more of a mess then normal, especially since I cleaned half of it last week!!

The monologue is for my acting class that I am taking this semester. It has been one of the hardest classes! I'm used to computer and math type problems. This class involves emotions and standing in front of peers and trying to act, and being no where near an Oscar performance!

ANYWAY... we had been working on a dialogue and before we were done we go our next assignment, the monologue.  I was reading and starting to form my character, but stopped because I hadn't finished my first assignment and didn't want the two characters to get mixed up. So, I put the monologue away in a safe place so I wouldn't be tempted to practice....

Well... I forgot where the safe place was!!! I have found  $20, lost library books, and other such lost items, that I do not want o to find!!!! I want that stupid monologue!!!! Though, the 20 bucks is nice to have...

I have determined to think it ran away from me.... either that it is playing a really good game or hide and seek. Sometimes, I hear maniacal laughing at night... I bet it's my monologue laughing at my frustration!!!!


Pray for me... because I am obviously going insane!!!!!!

<3 Zerila

Water/Veggies: Perfect veggies, not enough water!!!


Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

you can apply your found money to the "crap, i lost my temper and now i have to pay to get my mom's laptop fixed" fund.
you know, we been reading about said room, i think that you should post pics we can see what the disaster sight really looks like.
and you should get a box and write on it "safe place" so when you put something in your safe place you might be able to acutally find it again.

Zerila said...

LOL! No pictures of my horrible room!!!

Yeah, maybe labeling my safe place might help alittle... actually alot. I should find a place in my room and designate it the 'safe place'. Good idea1 Your so smart!