Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogging Day 243: Playing The Nun

I performed my monologues last night, and evidently I did OK.  I was the first one to go because I can not stand sitting there waiting as my heart goes bump-bump and the butterflies in my stomach run a muck. My advise for everyone, is that if your are going to be tortured with public speaking, go first. That way you can relax  and enjoy as you watch everyone else around you sweat and go through their own torture without worrying about your own.

Speaking of torture, the one problem I have with my class is that I wish the professor would give us a written evaluation of our performance.  Afterward our individual performances, we go through what he likes to call 'the gauntlet' and he reviews our plays. Basically, he critiques on what we did bad and what we did good.

I can never remember a thing that he says.The whole entire time he is talking to me, I'm thinking, " Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go." My mind is completely blank except for those thoughts.I know he is talking to me because I can see him looking at me and his mouth is moving and the subconscious part of my brain acknowledges that, but I all my main brain is focused on is getting back to my seat. Nothing like being told you suck in front of your classmates to put your body in flight or fight mode. 

So, yeah a written evaluation I can read when I am much calmer/saner would be nice.

Either way two performances down, and one left to go. For my final skit my group and I will be doing a play call 'Diversions' by Christopher Durang. I get to play 'The Nun'. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about playing the Nun at first. Then, I found a video of the play on YouTube and after I watched the clip, I was excited.

You have to check out this play! I think it's hilarious. The videos is not the best, but the audio will move you along.
FYI- my brother, Mr. Fun with Perler Beads, will be playing the Judge.

I thought they did the play perfectly!

My group and I only have three weeks to get this play together. Here's hoping we are as funny as this group!

<3 Zerila

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