Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging 230: The First Taste is Always Free!

That is what a friend of mine always says when she gives me samples from Lush. I fall in love with their products with just a tiny sample and then, like an addict I need more... There goes my money...

Anyway, I have been hearing about the new show from AMC called 'The Killing'. I missed the premiere and I was mad at myself, but figured I could wait until the DVDs come out.

THEN, I went on iTunes. I allow myself to buy 10 songs every paid day and that is it... I would buy more if I didn't give myself a limit.ANYWAY... I went to the TV shows to check it out, and saw a link for The Killing, and I thought, " Hey., its only a dollar to rent an episode, why not try 'The Killing' out.

THE EPISODES WERE FREE!!! They only had two episodes up, and I believe they have only aired two episodes. Either way, I'm totally hooked!!!!! The show is amazing!! The actors are amazing, even though some of them are a bit creepy... still an awesome show!

You guys have to go on iTunes and download these two episodes. You will be hooked and I  be glued to the TV every Sunday night @ 10pm! I have only done that for two other shows, Lost and The Walking Dead.

Download atleast the pilot, to see what I mean..... AWESOME!!!

Here's the trailer:

<3 Zerila

Veggies/Water: I keep forgetting the waters. I think I need to have a glass the first thing I wake-up. That should be a new rule. It will help with the count.

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