Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogging Day Seven: My Polyvore Addiction

Have you yet visited yet? You haven’t? Will you should!

How to describe it is a website that allows you to make digital collages and match up of clothes, products, and room designs. In a fashion magazine they always have this page that is filled with different stylish items. They mash all the items together and the effect is so amazing you end up wanting to buy all those items on the page. That is what polyvore allows you to do, but this time you get to choose all the items. The power is yours for the taking!

Ahh… Power, I enjoy it so much!

I first found this website when I was thinking about my dream kitchen. You know, you sit down and say when I have money I want this and that, and that and this. My dream kitchen was going to be PINK! You read it right; my dream kitchen is going to be pink!(After I explain this fact to people, they say, what if my husband doesn’t like it. I’m not even married and I know the answer to this. Unless he plans on doing to majority of the cooking that takes place in said kitchen, it really isn’t any of his business, now is it? I’m an excellent enough cook that this theorized husband won’t care what the color of the kitchen is, just as long as I keep cooking for him).

Anyway….back to my point… The kitchen is not only going to be all pink of course, but pink will be the main color, maybe with a dark cherry wood cabinets and a white marble counters. My mom has marble counters in her kitchen and it looks absolutely fabulous!

I had been googling images and I came across the collage of a pink kitchen and I clicked on it and I found Polyvore.(Discovery/heavenly/angel appearing type music, yeah you read it right. I wrote sound effects into my blog! )

I am a plus size woman and I love fashion, but being plus-sized it's hard to find stores with awesome clothes and when I do find a store it's incredibly expensive. With polyvore I can dream of having this unlimited wealth and the skinny body to find into all these awesome clothes.

You have to check this website out! It will bring out every creative juices you have to create awesome looks. Plus, if you crave the items you are messing around with it has links to where you can actually buy the items.

Below is one I did awhile back. I think sexiness isn't the lack of clothes but, wearing your clothes with confident, a dash of wildness, and the female mysteriousness that comes natural to every woman.

FYI- Those boots in the picture are 2998.00, at least according to polyvore. They are cute, but not that cute…

You have to check out the website and mess around a bit! If not to create your own, look around at the other collections other users have created. Someone of them are above magazine quality!

Have Fun!

<3 Zerila

PS-Current situation with the carrot cake is the same, I won over the carrot cake, but the stupid cinnamon pop tarts won again!!! It’s hard to have battle when there are multiple opponents after you.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blogging Day Six: Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk

Yes, I may be participating in the Susan G Komen 60 mile 3 Day walk this October. In order to participate you have to raise $2,300.00. Will I likely make $2,300 and be able to participate in the actual walk? I really do doubt it, I have done fundraising, but I have let my part go to some girls who are more excited about the walk then I am.
The question is thou; will I be walking 60 miles regardless? Yes, I will walk around my neighborhood, if I have to for 60 miles. Probably would be much better though. It is a nice area with lots of shade. I don't think it will be a problem. Plus, I will not have to get up at the crack of dawn, nor will I be sleeping in a tent on the ground..
Anyway, my point is that I will be putting a link at the bottom of each of my blogs until the walk, which begins October 6. Donate as little as a dollar and I would greatly appreciate it.

For fundraising, I have down Bowling Alley parties, did a restaurant night @ Chevys, yard sales, bake sales, and I am starting an eBay store selling items there. I think besides the training for the walk, the fundraising as been the hardest part. If anyone has any suggestions for fundraisers please let me know!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am participating in this walk and I encourage everyone else to participate in some sort of charity event. It's a lot of work, but its well worth the effort.

FYI- The carrot cake has yet to bring me down, but unfortunately the cinnamon pop tart won today.

<3 Zerila

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogging Day Five: Zerila's Broke

Evidently classes started yesterday and I had yet to sign up for classes.... I would like to say I forgot but I think I was just in denial that I would have to go back to classes. Which of course is very truthful, I do not want to go back to classes. I hate school. The only reason I would want to go to school is that the fact that it would get me a better job with better pay.

So, I got off my lazy butt and I signed up for Intro to Linux/Unix and Program Analysis and Design. Then I went and paid for it. I wish I was able to spend this much in one shopping spree without having a heart attack. I am now broke….I hate school....GRRRR!!!

Speaking of GRRR!! I took my little stuffed 'wild dog' to work and he has been officially named, Eatems; like eat them but all mushed together. Per my cool co-worker, people will ask his name, and you then I would say Eatems and then the dog would eat thems. Currently he is coming to work with me to protect me from my crazy co-workers. With my work going through its 'Christmas' season at this moment, it is always good to have a guard dog, I would recommend everyone getting a guard dog for their desk. It's always refreshing to hear co-workers running away in fear and screaming like little girls at the same time. (happy sigh) The joys of life.

FYI- I hate it when you have cravings all day long!! I was dreaming of a yummy piece of carrot cake that my work has in the vending machine. Of course, if it's in a vending machine you know it's just pure crap, but still I could hear that thing calling me name all day long.

It kept saying," Come Zerila... you know you want me. You KNOW you need me. I'm so good. I will melt in your mouth and satisfy you like no man ever could..."

Usually it's Chocolate, but today it was yummy in your tummy processed and chemicalized carrot cake saying those naughty things to me.

How did I resist? I have no idea; my resistance comes and goes as it pleases. For all I know, tomorrow I will be eating that carrot cake. I must stay strong though. Tomorrow I will use all my strength to thwart the evil vending machine and its heinous contents.

<3 Zerila

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging Day Three: The Boys are Back

Before anyone starts," It’s One-two Zerila. Not One- Three! Blonde much?!?"

First, yes blonde much, as long as I remember to touch up my roots every 6-8 weeks like the box says. I don't know about you, but I buy the box around the 7th week with every intention of touching up my roots the minute the eight weeks are done, but I tend not to do it till the 10th week. It's just one of those tedious jobs, like getting gas, that just takes forever to do and there is always a horrible smell while you’re doing it.

Second, after my Mom and I did our make-up thing we decide to go off to the mall and buy make-up. My mother has very bad allergies and the make-up she used to wear would cause her to tear-up. I suggested maybe using the mineral make-up, Bare Essentials. We did a practice run of an hour and none of the make-up bothered her allergies, so she decided that she wanted to buy some.

After we tried the Bare Essentials I introduced my mother to Urban Decay's Awesome Eye shadow Primer. The primer is the best thing that has ever happened to me in make-up. I stopped putting on eye shadow because the eye shadow would always end-up in the crease of my eye. I thought it was just me when I saw other girls’ eyes would be done perfectly. Nope, I was wrong, it's everyone; they just knew to use a primer.

With all the experimenting we did, we headed off to the mall. Our first stop of course was Sephora, Make-up Mecca. The ladies there helped us pick-up out my mom's colors and helped us in other such areas. We heard Lancôme was having a buy $32 dollars worth of stuff and get free stuff, so off we went to Macy’s and bought more stuff! Of course we had to stop and look at the stores, marvel at the $200 plus shoes, purses and clothes that we could not afford. (sigh)

Then after the mall, we thought we would continue our theme and get our hair done. I of course dropped even more money on hair products. Being beautiful is not only painful on the senses, but also on the bank account. I am now broke until payday, which thankfully is this week.

Anyway, five paragraphs later and I come to my point; yesterday was a crazy day and I tried writing a blog, but my brain could barely produce enough energy to spell 'the'. So, I thought I would keep count my actually days of my blogging adventure and no how many blogs.

Now, to get on to the point of the title of my blog. My two brothers (I have a total of three. My other brother and I are old enough to pay our own way to Africa, but we decided not to. I am a "princess' and therefore have the needs of one and I did not think a hunting lodge in South Africa would be accommodating to them) Dad and Grandpa have made it home safely from Africa.

They got home around 8am in the morning and since they were blaring their new African horns at such an ungodly hour, the first words that come out of my mouth where," Since you want me up so early I expect it’s because you want to give me all the presents you bought just for me."

Yes, I was direct and to the point, but you would too if you were waken up on Sunday morning by Africa hunting horns.

My youngest brother got me a super cute stuffed animal of a wild dog and what he described as ' either chopsticks or hair thingies'. They are hair thingies of course. My other tried to say that he got my mom and I each a sock from the airplane packet that he received off the airplane. My mom of course was generous enough to give me her sock so I could have a matching pair.

After his whole production of the sock and then trying to pass off his toothbrush and toothpaste he produced a candle holder. My dad got me two bracelets, a bowl decorated with elephants made out of soap stone, a ball made out of wood that when you shake it makes noise and a little rattle toy that sounds like a rattle snake that I plan on taking to work to warn co-workers that they are getting on my last nerve.

With them back the house is filled with stories of their great hunting experience and the beauty of Africa. After their stories of,'we went to bed around 9pm and then would get up around 6am', I knew this was definitely not the trip for me, but I am glad that my Dad, Grandpa and brothers got to go.

I alas must run off to bed because my they expect me to be at work tomorrow and I must make more money to fuel my need for cute purses.

<3 Zerila

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blogging Day One: A Bored Zerila

Here I am sitting with my mother bored out of my mind. My Dad, two brothers and Grandpa are currently in Africa on 'The Great Manly Hunting Exploration' trip and my mom, my two dogs and I have the house to ourselves. Which at first glance is amazing; no noise of an alien biting the dust off the XBOX, no manly grunts or other such manly type noises one's would expect to come out of a man. Just my mom quietly reading a book and me enjoying a nice glass of raspberry wine surfing the net.

Yes the quiet is very nice... for the first two days. My mom is amazing, but she is not as crazy as my brothers. Right now, turning on the XBOX 360 and playing tag team on Resident Evil 5 would be so awesome right now. I unfortunately do not see my mother enjoying such a game. Not that my mother hates video game. I was unable to play Dragon Origins for the longest time because every time I went to play the game, I would find my mom glued to the TV putting the Evil Shadows in their place. Unfortunately she has never been too fond of a first person shooter.

By the way I am a 28 year old still living at home with my parents. Yes.... you are reading it correctly. I am an unmarried, plus size, 28 year old woman still living with mommy and daddy. I would like to blame it on the current economic state that our world is in, but that would just be lying and I feel as a blogger to its reader, I should be truthful. I find being able to afford a wardrobe and super cool shoes way more important than the pride of living on my own and surviving on ramen noodles. Girl has to have priorities and I have them! Go me!

I am going to school to get a better job, so please do not think I am a total loser. A tiny part of me is hoping I will meet a nice guy who finds me absolutely luscious and who would love to take me away and become my sugar daddy husband. I have hope, for I know Vin Diesel is still single! Until then though, school is my only hope.

Anyway, back to the point, here I am bored. We have already ordered pizza, watched movie and did the whole mess around with make-up thing.

So I thought, “Hey! Maybe I should start a blog!"

Me, of course says, “Awesome idea! Let's go get another glass of wine so I can be all cliché and stuff."

So here I am blogging about my fantastic idea to write blogs. Of course some of you are sitting there thinking; the girl is just a drunk and is just looking for any excuse to have another glass of wine. Actually it is more the girl is just looking for another excuse to act out a cliché. If I could actually find my glasses and it wasn't 90 plus degrees outside, I would be wearing a pair of glasses with a boring sweater on because all the writers in movies wear their glasses and old sweaters when they write.

There are thousands of thoughts and opinions I wish to write down, for I do have many thoughts and opinions which I think you will find very important! Alas, I have finished my second glass of wine and it is making a tiny bit sleepy. So, I am off to sleep, happy that I was able to feed my boredom.