Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging Day Three: The Boys are Back

Before anyone starts," It’s One-two Zerila. Not One- Three! Blonde much?!?"

First, yes blonde much, as long as I remember to touch up my roots every 6-8 weeks like the box says. I don't know about you, but I buy the box around the 7th week with every intention of touching up my roots the minute the eight weeks are done, but I tend not to do it till the 10th week. It's just one of those tedious jobs, like getting gas, that just takes forever to do and there is always a horrible smell while you’re doing it.

Second, after my Mom and I did our make-up thing we decide to go off to the mall and buy make-up. My mother has very bad allergies and the make-up she used to wear would cause her to tear-up. I suggested maybe using the mineral make-up, Bare Essentials. We did a practice run of an hour and none of the make-up bothered her allergies, so she decided that she wanted to buy some.

After we tried the Bare Essentials I introduced my mother to Urban Decay's Awesome Eye shadow Primer. The primer is the best thing that has ever happened to me in make-up. I stopped putting on eye shadow because the eye shadow would always end-up in the crease of my eye. I thought it was just me when I saw other girls’ eyes would be done perfectly. Nope, I was wrong, it's everyone; they just knew to use a primer.

With all the experimenting we did, we headed off to the mall. Our first stop of course was Sephora, Make-up Mecca. The ladies there helped us pick-up out my mom's colors and helped us in other such areas. We heard Lancôme was having a buy $32 dollars worth of stuff and get free stuff, so off we went to Macy’s and bought more stuff! Of course we had to stop and look at the stores, marvel at the $200 plus shoes, purses and clothes that we could not afford. (sigh)

Then after the mall, we thought we would continue our theme and get our hair done. I of course dropped even more money on hair products. Being beautiful is not only painful on the senses, but also on the bank account. I am now broke until payday, which thankfully is this week.

Anyway, five paragraphs later and I come to my point; yesterday was a crazy day and I tried writing a blog, but my brain could barely produce enough energy to spell 'the'. So, I thought I would keep count my actually days of my blogging adventure and no how many blogs.

Now, to get on to the point of the title of my blog. My two brothers (I have a total of three. My other brother and I are old enough to pay our own way to Africa, but we decided not to. I am a "princess' and therefore have the needs of one and I did not think a hunting lodge in South Africa would be accommodating to them) Dad and Grandpa have made it home safely from Africa.

They got home around 8am in the morning and since they were blaring their new African horns at such an ungodly hour, the first words that come out of my mouth where," Since you want me up so early I expect it’s because you want to give me all the presents you bought just for me."

Yes, I was direct and to the point, but you would too if you were waken up on Sunday morning by Africa hunting horns.

My youngest brother got me a super cute stuffed animal of a wild dog and what he described as ' either chopsticks or hair thingies'. They are hair thingies of course. My other tried to say that he got my mom and I each a sock from the airplane packet that he received off the airplane. My mom of course was generous enough to give me her sock so I could have a matching pair.

After his whole production of the sock and then trying to pass off his toothbrush and toothpaste he produced a candle holder. My dad got me two bracelets, a bowl decorated with elephants made out of soap stone, a ball made out of wood that when you shake it makes noise and a little rattle toy that sounds like a rattle snake that I plan on taking to work to warn co-workers that they are getting on my last nerve.

With them back the house is filled with stories of their great hunting experience and the beauty of Africa. After their stories of,'we went to bed around 9pm and then would get up around 6am', I knew this was definitely not the trip for me, but I am glad that my Dad, Grandpa and brothers got to go.

I alas must run off to bed because my they expect me to be at work tomorrow and I must make more money to fuel my need for cute purses.

<3 Zerila

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