Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogging Day Seven: My Polyvore Addiction

Have you yet visited yet? You haven’t? Will you should!

How to describe it is a website that allows you to make digital collages and match up of clothes, products, and room designs. In a fashion magazine they always have this page that is filled with different stylish items. They mash all the items together and the effect is so amazing you end up wanting to buy all those items on the page. That is what polyvore allows you to do, but this time you get to choose all the items. The power is yours for the taking!

Ahh… Power, I enjoy it so much!

I first found this website when I was thinking about my dream kitchen. You know, you sit down and say when I have money I want this and that, and that and this. My dream kitchen was going to be PINK! You read it right; my dream kitchen is going to be pink!(After I explain this fact to people, they say, what if my husband doesn’t like it. I’m not even married and I know the answer to this. Unless he plans on doing to majority of the cooking that takes place in said kitchen, it really isn’t any of his business, now is it? I’m an excellent enough cook that this theorized husband won’t care what the color of the kitchen is, just as long as I keep cooking for him).

Anyway….back to my point… The kitchen is not only going to be all pink of course, but pink will be the main color, maybe with a dark cherry wood cabinets and a white marble counters. My mom has marble counters in her kitchen and it looks absolutely fabulous!

I had been googling images and I came across the collage of a pink kitchen and I clicked on it and I found Polyvore.(Discovery/heavenly/angel appearing type music, yeah you read it right. I wrote sound effects into my blog! )

I am a plus size woman and I love fashion, but being plus-sized it's hard to find stores with awesome clothes and when I do find a store it's incredibly expensive. With polyvore I can dream of having this unlimited wealth and the skinny body to find into all these awesome clothes.

You have to check this website out! It will bring out every creative juices you have to create awesome looks. Plus, if you crave the items you are messing around with it has links to where you can actually buy the items.

Below is one I did awhile back. I think sexiness isn't the lack of clothes but, wearing your clothes with confident, a dash of wildness, and the female mysteriousness that comes natural to every woman.

FYI- Those boots in the picture are 2998.00, at least according to polyvore. They are cute, but not that cute…

You have to check out the website and mess around a bit! If not to create your own, look around at the other collections other users have created. Someone of them are above magazine quality!

Have Fun!

<3 Zerila

PS-Current situation with the carrot cake is the same, I won over the carrot cake, but the stupid cinnamon pop tarts won again!!! It’s hard to have battle when there are multiple opponents after you.

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