Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogging Day Five: Zerila's Broke

Evidently classes started yesterday and I had yet to sign up for classes.... I would like to say I forgot but I think I was just in denial that I would have to go back to classes. Which of course is very truthful, I do not want to go back to classes. I hate school. The only reason I would want to go to school is that the fact that it would get me a better job with better pay.

So, I got off my lazy butt and I signed up for Intro to Linux/Unix and Program Analysis and Design. Then I went and paid for it. I wish I was able to spend this much in one shopping spree without having a heart attack. I am now broke….I hate school....GRRRR!!!

Speaking of GRRR!! I took my little stuffed 'wild dog' to work and he has been officially named, Eatems; like eat them but all mushed together. Per my cool co-worker, people will ask his name, and you then I would say Eatems and then the dog would eat thems. Currently he is coming to work with me to protect me from my crazy co-workers. With my work going through its 'Christmas' season at this moment, it is always good to have a guard dog, I would recommend everyone getting a guard dog for their desk. It's always refreshing to hear co-workers running away in fear and screaming like little girls at the same time. (happy sigh) The joys of life.

FYI- I hate it when you have cravings all day long!! I was dreaming of a yummy piece of carrot cake that my work has in the vending machine. Of course, if it's in a vending machine you know it's just pure crap, but still I could hear that thing calling me name all day long.

It kept saying," Come Zerila... you know you want me. You KNOW you need me. I'm so good. I will melt in your mouth and satisfy you like no man ever could..."

Usually it's Chocolate, but today it was yummy in your tummy processed and chemicalized carrot cake saying those naughty things to me.

How did I resist? I have no idea; my resistance comes and goes as it pleases. For all I know, tomorrow I will be eating that carrot cake. I must stay strong though. Tomorrow I will use all my strength to thwart the evil vending machine and its heinous contents.

<3 Zerila

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