Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogging Day 269: Shopping on Etsy @ Bubble Up! by Bethie B.

I was creating a treasury list when I ran into the shop Bubble Up! by Bethie B. She sells fun delicious,smelling soaps, and at the time they were 40% off on all soaps.

I went to town and originally my total was around $70, but somehow, I got it down to $30.

These are the soaps I bought:

Top Row Left-Right: Chocolate Covered Cherry, Sugar Cookie, Brown Sugar Baby, French Vanilla Sugar
Bottom Row Left-Right: Strawberry Fields, Chocolate Milkshake,Candy Apple, Undercover Strawberry

I also bought the 'A Rose is A Rose' soap, but I have been using it and didn't realize I would be blogging about these soaps at the time. After I used the soap for the first time I knew I had to tell you guys about them. The soap leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth, and smelling amazing. Even better then the Bath and Bodyworks stuff.

My recent tweets have been related to these soaps, incase you were curious. Anyway, You have to know one thing about me, I'm a very curious person. When I got these soaps and smelled the 'Undercover Strawberry', the chocolate smelled SO real. I just had to know! So, I tasted the chocolate smelling soap. It doesn't taste like chocolate at all... I honestly was surprised. At least now I know and for now my curiosity is sated.

I know what you are thinking, what is wrong with this girl? Is she on crack? No. I tried sniffing coke once, and the ice cubes got in the way and with that never understood the hype.It just that these soaps smell SO amazing and real!

I think I'm going to gift some of these at Christmas time. Which would be a perfect reason to buy more and smell her other soaps.

Either way, check out Bubble Up! by Bethie B.

<3 Zerila

PS- I am finally on twitter @Zerilaslife. I have done a total of two and still learning the ropes. I have recently become a fan of Stan Lee, mainly because he seems like a nice guy for someone who created a comic empire. His twitter is @TheRealStanLee.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Blogging Day 268: Someone Mentioned Me on Their Tumblr!!!!

I'm getting ready to write today's blog and I go to check out my stats and my referring sites and I notice a URL from tumblr. I honestly have no idea what tumblr is... I know I'm a blogger and I have now idea what tumblr is... sad, but I will learn now.

Anyway, back to my point!

I saw this URL:

I clicked and it lead me to this awesome DIY for Organizing Jewelry





I needed that :) Thank you Jadmontenegro. Your simple adding me to your blog has brought me close to tears.

<3 Zerila

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blogging Day 266: Heart Surgeries, Earthquakes and Hurricanes! O MY!

Yeah, it's been a crazy week...
First Heart Surgery.

Allen, the writer for Fun with Perler Beads, my little brother, is going to have open heart surgery! It was suppose to be this past Monday, but now we are on call. This mean they could call us today and it would be tomorrow, or next week. It is kind of driving me nuts! My family and I are trying to keep everything up-to-date for the next two weeks and it can be frustrating.

The doctor that is going to be performing the surgery is the top surgeon in his field in the WORLD! I am not worried because he has done this surgery 150xs. My brother is in good hands. I just don't like the idea of Allan having to go through that. Please keep him in your prayers


I was one of those running out of the building during the earthquake. You know why? I thought it was a terrorist attack, not an earthquake. 9/11 has been burned into my brain and if an earthquake happens again, I am still going to be running out of the building.

For the rest day I couldn't do my work, and when I got home I just face planted into my pillows. Fear, I find, drains you.


Irene is currently making its way here. My family and I, as good hosts, have prepared as best as we can.

This little clip best describes what is going on right now.

Alright, I'll check in with everyone later.

I'm currently working on this month's contest, so I will post that soon.

First earthquakes, then hurricanes... can't wait to find out what happens next.

6pm Update:

My Friends Hurricane Video:

We Survived:

<3 Zerila

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogging Day 255: Recycled Paper Bead Necklace

I was looking around YouTube the other day for an awesome DIY to do and this is the awesome video that I found :

This is the necklace I came up with:

I think for my first time I did a pretty good job! I need to find a better glue then hot glue for paper. Any suggestions?

Either way, you guys definitely have to try this out! It was a lot of fun and super cheap! I got a lot of good complements at work!

Have fun!

<3 Zerila

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogging Day 249: Simple Body Lotion Recipe

This is a simple lotion recipe that I use for my everyday body lotion.

Items you will need:

4 tbsps Shea butter
4 tbsps of coconut oil
1 tbsp jojoba oil
10 drops of essential oils(optional, it smells amazing with or without the oils)
**Jars to store

**I am using glass baby food jars. They say to use a dark jar because the oils will react to light and age faster, but the amount made with this will only last two weeks at my house. You could use plastic, just make sure it is a hard plastic and not a thin plastic. You do not want the heat of the melted lotion breaking down the plastic and mixing in with your lotion.

WHERE DID I GET EVERYTHING? You can get everything above from Whole Foods Grocery Store. If not there, there is always the Internet.

In a microwave safe bowl add the Shea butter, coconut oil, and the jojoba oil.

Microwave for 10 seconds, stir and then repeat until everything is melted.

DO NOT ALLOW THE LOTION TO GET HOT. It should always just be warm.

FYI: The Shea butter will be the last to melt down. You may need to use a fork to whisk the mixture.

When the mixture is all melted down add the 10 drops of essential oils and mix the scent in.

 I am using Geranium, which smells alot like roses.

FYI: Anything that smells like roses is most likely geranium scented. For the same bottle(as seen in picture, 10mL) of PURE rose essential oils has been priced around $140.00. 

Once finished pour your lotion into your jars and you are done!!!

This lotion is very creamy and will melt instantly on your skin.

This lotion is perfect for dry skin!

Two complaints:
1. The essential oils can smell over powering in the jar, but once applied to your skin it fades to a faint scent.
2. The lotion is oilyer then normal lotions, but after a minute or so your dry skin will suck in the oils and it will feel nice and smooth.
If you do make this lotion, leave a comment below on what you thought. Or if you try a variation let me know too!

<3 Zerila 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blogging Day 248: Otakon 2011 Haul

Last blog on Otakon 2011, but I wanted to show my Haul.

I save a little bit of money ALL year long to go shopping in the Dealers Room and Artist Alley to buy super cool stuff that I will not find at any other shops(except online, which is not the same!)

I have only collected one card set all my life  and that is the Sailor Moon Card Playing game. Can you tell that I have been collecting for ever? The cards are kept in an awesome Trapper Keeper and Seaquest DSV is written on the side!

Sailor Moon was my first anime. I would get up at 5am when I was in middle school to watch Sailor Moon! I have the mangas! The CDs that I currently have left are in a Sailor Moon CD case!  I own the Sailor Moon RPG game!

You will always remember your first anime, that's all I gotta say ;op

Of course, I grabbed the wrong packets... Oh well, more Sailor Moon is never a bad thing.

These were from the artist alley and I can never pass up more sparkly necklaces. 

Intriguing thing... at her table she had bracelets made out of matchbox cars. Yes you read right, matchbox cars. Not for me, but I'm currently now on the look out for anyone else in my normal everyday travels wearing a matchbox car bracelet.  

This was too cute! I know have a lucky cat that waves. They had little pandas that waved too, but I enjoyed the print on this cat. 

Of course the Dealers Room had a stall selling 2NE1 awesomeness!!!!

This is a vinyl canvas bag and on one side they have their looks from their music video "Lonely". 

On the other their looks from " I am the Best". Personally, my favorite look from "I am the Best" is their "metal-biker-chick" look, but oh well, still an awesome bag.

Super cool coffee cup to sport around the office to win over converts.

Forget Lady Gaga, 2NE1 is the stuff!

Can not pass up a Hello Kitty Plushie, especially ones with big pink bows!

This is a key chain teddy bear that I could not pass up. Another minimun for my desk to ward off people who give me work.

This is a magazine that was selling in the dealer's room. I've been looking for a magazine to geek over for my japanesse love. This may not be it, but it's still cute.

Cute little rings, that I may or may not change into hair clips and yes the way on the left is a playstation controller! Too cute!

This is a cute cellphone charm. I've been into strawberries lately and this was just too cute to pass up. PLUS!!! It smells like chocolate!

Last, but not least, hair accessories. I think my favorite is the black cat!

This year was more accessories then actually anime. Plus, I usually buy some bento items for my collection but I didn't even see anything that screamed I must have.

That is it for Otakon 2011, can not wait for next year!

<3 Zerila

Blogging Day 247: Lolita Fashion Show @ Otakon 2011

At Otakon this year they had the 'Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show' with all American designers!

It was absolutely fabulous!.

Lolita style is my favorite style out there!

Unfortunately I was unable to get many good pictures. This is what I was able to get with my iPhone 4:

Here is a link for pictures of all the designs that are a thousand times better:

Where to find the Designers:

I Do Declare by Kelsey Voncastle (my favorite out of all them)
Corazon Caramela (plus size)

There were two more that were absolutely fabulous, but I can not find the names!

IF ANYWAY KNOWS THEie NAMES LET ME KNOW!!! I would love to add them to the list!

<3 Zerila

Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogging Day 244: Otakon 2011 Anime

What I <3 about Otakon is that you get the chance to watch Anime on the big screen!

These are the animes that I got a chance to see.

This movie had potential to be AWESOME! Unfortunately, it feel short. Still a good movie. Anything bad about it had nothing to do with the actors, and all with the story. At times it moved slow and I found myself getting bored.

 The best part of the whole movie is Kevin McKidd as Killer #2. In fact, I may cosplay as this guy.

Everything I have seen him in I have liked, especially ROME. He is an amazing actor and he plays Evil very very well.

Of course it probably helps that he is a Red Head Scot,which I find incredibly sexy :D
Madoka Magica:

This looks like an a cute and light anime. It is CUTE, but not light, in fact it is very dark. In fact, I think it's cuteness makes it that even darker. It's about girls who can make any wish, but for that wish they most battle witches for the rest of their lives.

While trying to describe this anime, Gunslinger girls comes to mind.

Gunslinger Girls is another amazing anime about young girls being turned into assassins. This is psychological anime and the story is amazing. When I played Shadowrun I based my character on these girls.

Back, to Madoka Magica, the producer said he wanted something like Sailor Moon but with people dieing It definately feels like a darker Sailor Moon. They even transform like Sailor Moon.

Either way, this is a most see anime, if anything for the art.


This was a very huge anime at Otakon. I saw three episodes and for me it moves slow, at least the episodes I saw. The only reason I will continue to watch this anime is because everyone says it is amazing.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble:

I <3 Trigun!!!! Trigun is one of my favorite animes!!! I was super excited that they made another movie of this story.

**spoiler.. maybe**

The only disappointment I have is that they did not continue the love story of Vash and Meryl.

**spoiler end**

Fullmetal Alchemisst: Sacred Star Of Milos::

I wanted to see this because Fullmetal Alchemist is another one of my favorite animes!
 Unfortunately, I was not even able to get close to the room that was playing this movie.

FYI-This movie was part of the Brotherhood series.
Garden Of Sinners:

I am not a fan of this series. It was way to serious for me. I like animes that are serious, but with humor to ease the pressure. I found myself being bored. A good story and amazing art, just not for me.


I like this anime and then again I didn't. It was hilarious, this trailer makes it look very serious, but the episodes I saw were not. I loved the mystery solving part of the story, but I felt the mystery was solved to fast. It felt like a dark Scooby Do.

Funniest part was when he hired the secretary and how he paid her...LOL!

Another intersting part is that the main character is a girl who is helping out this demon because she hopes that he will solve her father's murder. When they described her father's "suicide" everyone in the room cracked up laughing. If you can catch why they are laughing, you are much smarter then I am, because I had to have my brother explain it to me. 

**Spoiler Answer**

Evidently you can not kill yourself my pinning yourself to the floor and then continue to take a chain saw to yourself.  The cops ruled that suicide...

** End of Spoiler Answer**

Our Home's Fox Deity:

This anime is hilarious!! I am definitely watching this one!

FYI- The blonde guy and girl in the trailer is the same fox deity that is protecting two young boys. The fox deity had been locked up for a 100 years and was freed to protect the two boys who are the children of a girl she had befriended. Her reactions to technology are priceless.

Best part ever is when she trys to make a cursed video like in The Ring! LOL!

That's all I was able to watch, unfortuantely there were so many animes to watch and so little time! Now, I have a list of animes to watch to keep busy until Doctor Who starts again.

<3 Zerila

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogging Day 243: Otakon Pictures

This past weekend I was at the Baltimore Convention for Otakon with my two of my brothers.

Otakon is convention that celebrates all anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture.

According to the news 31,000+ people showed up!

That is alot of people!! ALOT!

Otakus infested the Inner Harbor of Baltimore!

I attend panels, watched anime, went shopping, attend a Lolita fashion show and took tons of pictures!

Today, I'm going to show off all of my pictures! Way to much to explain in one blog.

Next year I'm dressing up! That way while people take pictures of me I'll have an easier time of taking pictures of them!

Not a very good picture, I know. Her cosplay was to amazing to delete!

From one of my favorite animes Skip Beat!

This anime puts new meaning to," Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Best liner ever came from this anime:

"If apologizes were good enough, there would no need for HELL!!


This girl was posing for pictures. Epic pose!

Display of Al in the Dealers room.

Full Metal is another one of my favorite animes

Ouran Host Club

Ryu from Street Fighter

A very cool Gundam display.

This is my favorite cosplay the whole weekend. It doesn't show in the picture, but her make-up was amazing! 10 points all the way!


This guy was awesome! My question is how did he get the thing in the building and up the stairs.

Epic Win!


 Granted this was a Japanese Anime Convention it did have other awesome characters:

Number 1, of course, is Doctor Who!

Of course, the first Doctor Who thing I see is an awesome Dalek! The only other villain I saw was an Angel Assassin and that was on my way into a movie... I couldn't find her afterwards! I was so mad!

I saw a lot of girls dressed as the Tardis... I wonder if it has anything to do with the episode, "The Doctor's Wife". I did see a Tardis Lolita... unfortunately I was unable to get her picture too.

This guy actually has a David Tennant look.

These guys I saw walking in on the second day. I was curious why she had all the marks on her face, until I realized she was Amy Pond!

As I was talking to the guys above, this guy walked up. This is the only person the whole entire weekend that walked up for a picture. It was nice not to awkwardly go up to a person and as for a picture.

On a girly side note, I like this guys eyes... hehe

O.O... Allan is hiding in the background. Can you see him?

"As you WISH!!!!"

Creepers from Minecraft

Shaun of the Dead. You haven't seen this movie, you should!


Zelda, but not sure which game.

Ōkami Amaterasu from the video game Okami.

Too Cute!!!!

I was nervous at first about asking for pictures, but by Sunday all my inhibitions were gone.

Which is your favorite? What do you think I should cosplay as next year?

<3 Zerila