Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blogging Day 266: Heart Surgeries, Earthquakes and Hurricanes! O MY!

Yeah, it's been a crazy week...
First Heart Surgery.

Allen, the writer for Fun with Perler Beads, my little brother, is going to have open heart surgery! It was suppose to be this past Monday, but now we are on call. This mean they could call us today and it would be tomorrow, or next week. It is kind of driving me nuts! My family and I are trying to keep everything up-to-date for the next two weeks and it can be frustrating.

The doctor that is going to be performing the surgery is the top surgeon in his field in the WORLD! I am not worried because he has done this surgery 150xs. My brother is in good hands. I just don't like the idea of Allan having to go through that. Please keep him in your prayers


I was one of those running out of the building during the earthquake. You know why? I thought it was a terrorist attack, not an earthquake. 9/11 has been burned into my brain and if an earthquake happens again, I am still going to be running out of the building.

For the rest day I couldn't do my work, and when I got home I just face planted into my pillows. Fear, I find, drains you.


Irene is currently making its way here. My family and I, as good hosts, have prepared as best as we can.

This little clip best describes what is going on right now.

Alright, I'll check in with everyone later.

I'm currently working on this month's contest, so I will post that soon.

First earthquakes, then hurricanes... can't wait to find out what happens next.

6pm Update:

My Friends Hurricane Video:

We Survived:

<3 Zerila

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