Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogging Day 244: Otakon 2011 Anime

What I <3 about Otakon is that you get the chance to watch Anime on the big screen!

These are the animes that I got a chance to see.

This movie had potential to be AWESOME! Unfortunately, it feel short. Still a good movie. Anything bad about it had nothing to do with the actors, and all with the story. At times it moved slow and I found myself getting bored.

 The best part of the whole movie is Kevin McKidd as Killer #2. In fact, I may cosplay as this guy.

Everything I have seen him in I have liked, especially ROME. He is an amazing actor and he plays Evil very very well.

Of course it probably helps that he is a Red Head Scot,which I find incredibly sexy :D
Madoka Magica:

This looks like an a cute and light anime. It is CUTE, but not light, in fact it is very dark. In fact, I think it's cuteness makes it that even darker. It's about girls who can make any wish, but for that wish they most battle witches for the rest of their lives.

While trying to describe this anime, Gunslinger girls comes to mind.

Gunslinger Girls is another amazing anime about young girls being turned into assassins. This is psychological anime and the story is amazing. When I played Shadowrun I based my character on these girls.

Back, to Madoka Magica, the producer said he wanted something like Sailor Moon but with people dieing It definately feels like a darker Sailor Moon. They even transform like Sailor Moon.

Either way, this is a most see anime, if anything for the art.


This was a very huge anime at Otakon. I saw three episodes and for me it moves slow, at least the episodes I saw. The only reason I will continue to watch this anime is because everyone says it is amazing.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble:

I <3 Trigun!!!! Trigun is one of my favorite animes!!! I was super excited that they made another movie of this story.

**spoiler.. maybe**

The only disappointment I have is that they did not continue the love story of Vash and Meryl.

**spoiler end**

Fullmetal Alchemisst: Sacred Star Of Milos::

I wanted to see this because Fullmetal Alchemist is another one of my favorite animes!
 Unfortunately, I was not even able to get close to the room that was playing this movie.

FYI-This movie was part of the Brotherhood series.
Garden Of Sinners:

I am not a fan of this series. It was way to serious for me. I like animes that are serious, but with humor to ease the pressure. I found myself being bored. A good story and amazing art, just not for me.


I like this anime and then again I didn't. It was hilarious, this trailer makes it look very serious, but the episodes I saw were not. I loved the mystery solving part of the story, but I felt the mystery was solved to fast. It felt like a dark Scooby Do.

Funniest part was when he hired the secretary and how he paid her...LOL!

Another intersting part is that the main character is a girl who is helping out this demon because she hopes that he will solve her father's murder. When they described her father's "suicide" everyone in the room cracked up laughing. If you can catch why they are laughing, you are much smarter then I am, because I had to have my brother explain it to me. 

**Spoiler Answer**

Evidently you can not kill yourself my pinning yourself to the floor and then continue to take a chain saw to yourself.  The cops ruled that suicide...

** End of Spoiler Answer**

Our Home's Fox Deity:

This anime is hilarious!! I am definitely watching this one!

FYI- The blonde guy and girl in the trailer is the same fox deity that is protecting two young boys. The fox deity had been locked up for a 100 years and was freed to protect the two boys who are the children of a girl she had befriended. Her reactions to technology are priceless.

Best part ever is when she trys to make a cursed video like in The Ring! LOL!

That's all I was able to watch, unfortuantely there were so many animes to watch and so little time! Now, I have a list of animes to watch to keep busy until Doctor Who starts again.

<3 Zerila


Asela said...

Madoka is such an amazing show with an amazing soundtrack! I keep re-watching it despite it being so dark.

Anonymous said...

I know! I was only able to watch the first three episodes and was like wow!