Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogging Day 283: Contest Winner!!

Time to choose a winner!

I wrote all your names down, though next time I know, never in pen!

The winner is.....


<3 Zerila

Veggies- more melon and tomatoes and carrots, yummy :) Fresh carrots, not old carrots. Old carrots taste like crap

Water- awesome, though I need to have less caffeine in my teas. I think I freaked out a co-worker today.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogging Day 282: Harajuku Necklace Look-A-Like DIY


Left- Real Harajuku Necklace:

Right- My look-alike

One of my bestest buddies bought the coolest necklace that I was crazy for. Unfortunately, she bought it on clearance and I was unable to buy the necklace myself.

On closer inspection, I figured I could just make one myself.

So, here we go.

Things you will need(somethings not pictured):

Black Sheer Fabric ( a piece that is 72" x 2")
25-Silver Beads( I finally found  mine on jewelry in Walmart's clearance jewelry)
Jewelry Pliers
Measuring tape
Black Thread
Jewelry Chain(2- 5" Long Strands)
4 circle links
Necklace Clasp
4 - 1.25" Head Pins
Heart Charm(optional)


Cut out your 72"x2" Sheer Black Fabric. I did not have that long of a fabric, so I cut out 3 - 2" x 36" strips and sewed them together. Do not worry about sewing them together, you can hide the stitch in the knots.


Step 2:

Using needle and thread, sew the sides together. Keep in mind, if you do have to sew the fabric together to make the length, make sure the edges are on the outside when you sew.


Step 3:

Here is the fun part. Now we get to turn the fabric inside out.

What I did was tie a knot on one end. Using a pencil, I place the end against the know and pull fabric down. Continue to do this until all the fabric has been turned inside out completely. When down, drop out the pencil and cut out the knot.


Step 4:

Time to add the beads.

Take the first bead and insert the two head pins. If you are luckie enough to find a bid with a tiny hole, you will only need to use one. Unfortunately, my bead had a large whole where I needed to use two.

Either way, place the bead with the head pins, on one end of the fabric and tie a knot.

Quickly take your jewelry pliers and curve the head pin into a loop.

After that, attach a circle link.
(Ugh! I totally need to do my nails)

Step 5:

Tie a knot on the other end of the first bead, and then add another bead. Continue on, until all beads, except the last one have been added. Continuing with the knot-bead-knot-bead pattern.


Step 6:

On the last bead, you will repeat the steps with the first bead.  Insert the head pins, instert the bead in the fabric and tie a knot. Curve the ends of the head pins and attach the circle link

Extra step is to cut off extra fabric on both ends and take the lighter and burn the ends. This will
melt and seal the ends.


Last Step:

Attach each 5" Chain to each end of the neckacle.

Then at the other end, attach the circle link and corresponding part of the clasp, as pictured above.

As an extra I added the heart charm check for fun.



The hardest thing about this neckacle is turning the fabric inside out and maybe finiding the right beads. It took me months to find silver beads. I almost said forget it and used white matte pearls.

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!

<3 Zerila

Water- Good! Feel so much better!
Fruit/Veggies: I had so much watermelon today, I could burst!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogging Day 281: Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

 Last night I went and saw POC4 in 3D.

First, do not see POC4 in 3D, it was not worth it. The cool parts of the whole 3D experience were the previews. It annoys me when movies just plug in 3D to make more money. Unfortunately, I will be a sucker every time for a 3D movie, which is probably why they do that.

The best out all the Pirate movies was the first movie. That movie was amazing! The second and the third were OK, I liked them, but not as amazing as the first. NOW, POC4 would probably be my second favorite.

I was a bit upset at first that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley were not going to be in this movie. I know, I was probably the only one who was upset. Then I realized their story was over, and Jack Sparrow's story will never be over. Plus, the new side love story, between the priest and the mermaid, was my favorite part of the movie.

I hope there is a fifth movie explaining what happened to the two of them. I waited in the theaters until after the credits hoping their would be a clip explaining what happened.

They did have a clip, so waiting after the credits is worth it. Well, I dunno if it was worth it, but there was a clip. All I have to say is, 'Hell have no fury as a woman scorned'.

Anyways, the movie was partly based on the book 'On Stranger Tides' by Tim Powers.

On Stranger Tides

The book is currently on my wish list at the library. Maybe it will explain what happened to the mermaid and the priest.

Plus, per wiki, the book was also inspiration for the game, 'Monkey Island'. Which was an awesome game!!

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition [Online Game Code]

The movie was not the best POC, but it was a good movie none the less. I would definitely go see it, if not to see Johnny Depp being awesome. He will never be able to lose this character,.

<3 Zerila

Water- I did not get all my water, maybe only three glasses and I could tell. Having your daily water amount helps with staying awake.

Veggies- I had only 3. I forgot when I went out to eat.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging Day 279: Hello Kitty Mac Lipstick Contest!

It's Contest time!

I went shopping at 'The Cosmetics Company Store' at the Outlets again and found another Hello Kitty Lipstick Shade! This time the color is 'Big Bow'.

It even has an imprint of Hello Kitty of the lipstick itself! Too cute!

The shade is beautiful! It adds a nice pink shimmer to your lips!

<3 Zerila


*To enter you must be a public follower... i.e. I should be able to see that you are following me, as seen in the picture below.

*I will announce the winner on 6.01.11 during the evening.

*How will I be selecting the random winner? As of right now I will be writing your names down on a piece of paper, folding it, through them all in a jar and pulling one out. Stone age, but it works. If I come up with a more brilliant plan, I will let you know.


When I announce the winner I will contact the winner and they will have 7 days to get me their contact information. After 7 days I will re-award the lovely lipstick to someone else!

I can not think of anything else that is important, but if I do, I will refine the rules. But, it looks pretty short and sweet.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogging Day 277: A Year Away From 30

Yeah, I turned 29 today, a year from 30. Blah...

Twenty-eight was a sucktastic year, but I have started 29 with awesome new hair and hope for a better year.

I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow, it better for my families' schedule. No worries here, I'll get presents either way. ;op

 For my birthday breakfast, I'm thinking pizza, what do you think?

<3 Zerila

Water- OMG! I forgot my water and had to drink tea, and I only had caffine filled tea.  I was so wired!!!

Veggies- Yeps :) I bought a tropical mix from Trader Joes, oranges, apples and other veggies. Again, I'm a fan of radishes. Yummy in ones Tummy.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogging day 273: Black Swan

Just finished watching Black Swan, all I have to stay is:

What the snap?!?!

<3 Zerila

Water- I did good!

Veggie: Onle 2 servings today. To be honest, I went out and did a birthday celebration with the girls and did even think about healthy good. FYI- Fried pickles are not addicting! Only regular ones are!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogging Day 272: ThinkHero.com

I have found the coolest geek-awesome website ever: ThinkHero.com.

I've been a major fan of the new series on HBO Game of Thrones. 

I was looking on YouTube for the previews for episode 2, when I found a review for episode 1 by ThinkHeroTV. Enjoying the review, I checked out the others, and they had reviews on Doctor Who and Vampire Dairies. AWESOME! I found myself watching for the reviews to check for the episodes online.

I found out they had a website and WOW! I found a Geek Heaven! They had trailers for shows I didn't even know about! Like did you know that JJ Abrams is doing a show on Alcatraz? I didn't either!! Major fan of JJ Abrams since Lost.

Though.... I have no idea what JJ Abrams was thinking with Under Covers. I loved the shows premise... but with the sexy trailer and then the name UNDER COVERS?! Cheese-tastic in a non-good way.

My point is that I found another amazing website that is going to be listed under my 'Awesome Websites'. All you sci-fi geeks have to check it out.

<3 Zerila

Veggies/Water: Awesome again! Today I have found out I like radishes. Very yummy in ones tummy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogging Day 270: Just a Quckie!

Sorry, no big post. Today was D&D night and we play till 10pm. I had a fun night of putting evil in it's place!

This is just to update you on my progress with the water and veggies. I did very good today! I had a salad again and loads of broccoli for dinner.  I drank a lot of tea and water, so I think I went over board. The only problem with that is I went to the bathroom every 30 minutes at work today. That was fun....

Anyway off to bed to dream of yummy hot guys!

<3 Zerila

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogging Day 269: Button Earrings DIY

I made these simple post earrings using buttons!
Let's Begin!

What you will need:

Craft Glue
Flat Back Gems(optional)
Flat Back Posts( I found these @ AC Mores)
Jewelry Pliers

At craft stores they have the cutest buttons in so many different shapes, and colors. I thought icecream cone earrings would be fun to have.

Before I could make them earrings I had to remove the button backing.

Last step, is to glue down the post. Let set overnight and in the morning you have a new pair of earrings.



Next, I found a rose button, but I did not like the leaves. For most of the buttons that have different colors, that are two pieces connected together.

Just simply separate the two layers.

Next remove any connector pieces, and glue on the posts.

Let set overnight.

I have tons of buttons. I collect them and any time I see a jar of them at a thrift shop, I grab them!

Simply pick two matching buttons, choose which side you want to display and glue the post on the back.

Again, let the glue set overnight.


Last take a simple button, add a drop of glue on the front.

Choose any style of flat back gem and press down. Glue the post to the back.

Again, set over night.


These four earrings took me less then 20 minutes to make. I think the only reason it took that long was because I was concentrating on watching the latest Doctor Who Episode(which was AWESOME! I didn't see the eye patch lady in this episode. Did any of you? BOWTIES ARE COOL)

Anyway... this is a very simple craft. The only problem I had with it, is that I noticed that the glue I was using crackled the flat back gem I used.  I like the effect, it's just I know for next time I want to use a flat back gem, I need to find a glue that isn't going to do that to my gems... Surprised I hadn't noticed that before.

<3 Zerila

PS- I did it! My waters are taken care of. I have taken to drinking a lot of tea, which helps. Vegetables are good. I had a salad a Panera and oranges for dessert.

Plus I have been doing a 15 minute work out in the morning. A video called, " Walking your Body Flat". I do not like the women's voice, so I turn the video down and listen to my music. It is not that difficult of a work out that I need to hear what she is saying.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogging Day 268: Guess Who is Going on A Cruise!


 In January I will be sailing off into the sunset to the Bahamas!

So... that means I need to lose weight and seriously now!

I've said it in the past and I have wimped out three times, but I am going to do this right this time!

I again, and finally going to carry thru; my five vegetables/fruits today and 8 glasses of water. Each day I will post my progress, even when I have been a bad girl. I want to look good for when I go on this cruise!

Here is hoping it works!!!!!

This is going to be ssssooo HARD!

<3 Zerila

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogging Day 263: Finals Are OVER!!!!

I have finished finals,  not a huge deal since I only took piano and acting; but I had to practice and I am a last minute person.Slackers unite... tomorrow!

 Piano was OK,  but Acting 101 was amazing! In all my years of schooling I have never taken  a theater class before, but I will definitely be taking more. If you guys ever get the chance to take an acting class, TAKE IT! You will not regret  it. It is hard, because you have to memorize lines and you have to 'profile' your character, but it's totally worth the work. This semester I was a foul-mouthed Tupperware sales woman, a shell-shocked coroner and a nun. Who were you this semester?

The best thing about this class was that I took it with my brother and I got to tease the stuffings out of him and the characters he had to play. The best line ever was one the professor gave to my brother," If all else fails, stare at the breasts" LOL! That will be funny until the day I die!!!  

With school done, it is now time for Summer and my garden.

I hope everyone is doing well with their finals!

Chocolate covered-coffee beans are perfect for staying awake for studying. I made the mistake of eating them like popcorn once and I was wired all day. They do not allow me to eat them at work anymore...


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blogging 259: Hello Kitty MAC Make-up!

Look what I found!!!!!!

I went to the outlet mall and specifically to 'The Cosmetics Company Store' and they were selling the MAC Hello Kitty eyeshadows.I always get my make-up on the cheap there.

I love the pallete cover. Isn't it cute!

The colors are Stately Black, Too Dolly, Romping, & Yogurt (can you see it? It's a very light). 

My favorite is Too Dolly!

I missed the Hello Kitty line, the Disney Villans line, and recently the Wonder Woman line.I am so glad that I was able to find this pallete.  

I wonder what the next line is going to be. Maybe Disney Princesses?


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogging Day 256: Revamping Cat Shoes


My friend has had these shoes forever and I always thought they were the cutest things. She had gotten them at Hot Topic a long time ago. I was so happy when Torrid start selling them. Of course, then we had matching shoes...

I decided to do a simple revamping with a bow and some gems. I enjoy re-vamping items, especially in this mass production world.

Alright, this is what I did:

Items Needed:

Glue Gune
2.5" Wide Ribbon
Clear & Black Back GemsGems

First, I used this hot pink ribbon I bought on clearance after Christmas. After Christmas is the perfect time to buy pretty ribbon. Christmas isn't just red and green anymore. It is now every color, even hot pink.


First cut out 3" of ribbon. I used wired ribbon, so I removed the wires at this point. If all you have is wired ribbon, don't worry, the wires are very easy to remove.

Add  a drop a glue in the middle, glue down the top and bottom edges.


Add another drop of glue in the middle. This time take the corners of side edge and glue down in the middle. Once they are glued down, add another drop and glue down the rest of the edge.


 Flip the ribbon over to the front side. Add another drop of glue down the middle and from the bottom pinch the top and bottom side together.


Cut off a thin strip of ribbon, you will use this to wrap around the bow.

Add another drop of glue on the other side of the bow. Then begin to wrap around the bow.


When finished wrapping the ribbon, add another drop of glue to seal.


You will to poof the bow a bit. After that your finished with the bow!


Hello Kitty was my inspiration, of course, so I knew where to put the bow. I added a clear gem on top of the bow, and then added two black ones, for each eye.

Re-vamping is as simple as that!

Now no one will have shoes exactly like mine.

<3 Zerila