Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogging Day 256: Revamping Cat Shoes


My friend has had these shoes forever and I always thought they were the cutest things. She had gotten them at Hot Topic a long time ago. I was so happy when Torrid start selling them. Of course, then we had matching shoes...

I decided to do a simple revamping with a bow and some gems. I enjoy re-vamping items, especially in this mass production world.

Alright, this is what I did:

Items Needed:

Glue Gune
2.5" Wide Ribbon
Clear & Black Back GemsGems

First, I used this hot pink ribbon I bought on clearance after Christmas. After Christmas is the perfect time to buy pretty ribbon. Christmas isn't just red and green anymore. It is now every color, even hot pink.


First cut out 3" of ribbon. I used wired ribbon, so I removed the wires at this point. If all you have is wired ribbon, don't worry, the wires are very easy to remove.

Add  a drop a glue in the middle, glue down the top and bottom edges.


Add another drop of glue in the middle. This time take the corners of side edge and glue down in the middle. Once they are glued down, add another drop and glue down the rest of the edge.


 Flip the ribbon over to the front side. Add another drop of glue down the middle and from the bottom pinch the top and bottom side together.


Cut off a thin strip of ribbon, you will use this to wrap around the bow.

Add another drop of glue on the other side of the bow. Then begin to wrap around the bow.


When finished wrapping the ribbon, add another drop of glue to seal.


You will to poof the bow a bit. After that your finished with the bow!


Hello Kitty was my inspiration, of course, so I knew where to put the bow. I added a clear gem on top of the bow, and then added two black ones, for each eye.

Re-vamping is as simple as that!

Now no one will have shoes exactly like mine.

<3 Zerila


Lost and Unknown said...

Awesome. They are really cute!

Zerila said...

Thank you!!

Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

quit trying to be like me!!! now that i think about, i am pretty awsome, keep striving, one day you might come close to being as awesome as i am.

Zerila said...

I pray everyday that, that one day comes... FYI - the sparkles are going on!

Zerila said...

One can only hope!