Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogging Day 269: Button Earrings DIY

I made these simple post earrings using buttons!
Let's Begin!

What you will need:

Craft Glue
Flat Back Gems(optional)
Flat Back Posts( I found these @ AC Mores)
Jewelry Pliers

At craft stores they have the cutest buttons in so many different shapes, and colors. I thought icecream cone earrings would be fun to have.

Before I could make them earrings I had to remove the button backing.

Last step, is to glue down the post. Let set overnight and in the morning you have a new pair of earrings.



Next, I found a rose button, but I did not like the leaves. For most of the buttons that have different colors, that are two pieces connected together.

Just simply separate the two layers.

Next remove any connector pieces, and glue on the posts.

Let set overnight.

I have tons of buttons. I collect them and any time I see a jar of them at a thrift shop, I grab them!

Simply pick two matching buttons, choose which side you want to display and glue the post on the back.

Again, let the glue set overnight.


Last take a simple button, add a drop of glue on the front.

Choose any style of flat back gem and press down. Glue the post to the back.

Again, set over night.


These four earrings took me less then 20 minutes to make. I think the only reason it took that long was because I was concentrating on watching the latest Doctor Who Episode(which was AWESOME! I didn't see the eye patch lady in this episode. Did any of you? BOWTIES ARE COOL)

Anyway... this is a very simple craft. The only problem I had with it, is that I noticed that the glue I was using crackled the flat back gem I used.  I like the effect, it's just I know for next time I want to use a flat back gem, I need to find a glue that isn't going to do that to my gems... Surprised I hadn't noticed that before.

<3 Zerila

PS- I did it! My waters are taken care of. I have taken to drinking a lot of tea, which helps. Vegetables are good. I had a salad a Panera and oranges for dessert.

Plus I have been doing a 15 minute work out in the morning. A video called, " Walking your Body Flat". I do not like the women's voice, so I turn the video down and listen to my music. It is not that difficult of a work out that I need to hear what she is saying.