Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogging Day 277: A Year Away From 30

Yeah, I turned 29 today, a year from 30. Blah...

Twenty-eight was a sucktastic year, but I have started 29 with awesome new hair and hope for a better year.

I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow, it better for my families' schedule. No worries here, I'll get presents either way. ;op

 For my birthday breakfast, I'm thinking pizza, what do you think?

<3 Zerila

Water- OMG! I forgot my water and had to drink tea, and I only had caffine filled tea.  I was so wired!!!

Veggies- Yeps :) I bought a tropical mix from Trader Joes, oranges, apples and other veggies. Again, I'm a fan of radishes. Yummy in ones Tummy.

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Lost and Unknown said...

Hope your birthday was awesome!