Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogging Day 282: Harajuku Necklace Look-A-Like DIY


Left- Real Harajuku Necklace:

Right- My look-alike

One of my bestest buddies bought the coolest necklace that I was crazy for. Unfortunately, she bought it on clearance and I was unable to buy the necklace myself.

On closer inspection, I figured I could just make one myself.

So, here we go.

Things you will need(somethings not pictured):

Black Sheer Fabric ( a piece that is 72" x 2")
25-Silver Beads( I finally found  mine on jewelry in Walmart's clearance jewelry)
Jewelry Pliers
Measuring tape
Black Thread
Jewelry Chain(2- 5" Long Strands)
4 circle links
Necklace Clasp
4 - 1.25" Head Pins
Heart Charm(optional)


Cut out your 72"x2" Sheer Black Fabric. I did not have that long of a fabric, so I cut out 3 - 2" x 36" strips and sewed them together. Do not worry about sewing them together, you can hide the stitch in the knots.


Step 2:

Using needle and thread, sew the sides together. Keep in mind, if you do have to sew the fabric together to make the length, make sure the edges are on the outside when you sew.


Step 3:

Here is the fun part. Now we get to turn the fabric inside out.

What I did was tie a knot on one end. Using a pencil, I place the end against the know and pull fabric down. Continue to do this until all the fabric has been turned inside out completely. When down, drop out the pencil and cut out the knot.


Step 4:

Time to add the beads.

Take the first bead and insert the two head pins. If you are luckie enough to find a bid with a tiny hole, you will only need to use one. Unfortunately, my bead had a large whole where I needed to use two.

Either way, place the bead with the head pins, on one end of the fabric and tie a knot.

Quickly take your jewelry pliers and curve the head pin into a loop.

After that, attach a circle link.
(Ugh! I totally need to do my nails)

Step 5:

Tie a knot on the other end of the first bead, and then add another bead. Continue on, until all beads, except the last one have been added. Continuing with the knot-bead-knot-bead pattern.


Step 6:

On the last bead, you will repeat the steps with the first bead.  Insert the head pins, instert the bead in the fabric and tie a knot. Curve the ends of the head pins and attach the circle link

Extra step is to cut off extra fabric on both ends and take the lighter and burn the ends. This will
melt and seal the ends.


Last Step:

Attach each 5" Chain to each end of the neckacle.

Then at the other end, attach the circle link and corresponding part of the clasp, as pictured above.

As an extra I added the heart charm check for fun.



The hardest thing about this neckacle is turning the fabric inside out and maybe finiding the right beads. It took me months to find silver beads. I almost said forget it and used white matte pearls.

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!

<3 Zerila

Water- Good! Feel so much better!
Fruit/Veggies: I had so much watermelon today, I could burst!

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