Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogging Day 236: T-Shirt Pillow

I just had to show you this cute t-shirt pillow my fellow co-worker Sedusa made!

Another co-worker asked her to make a pillow using this t-shirt.So she literally took the t-shirt and attached it to a pillow she made.

This is what the back looks like:

On the top corners she folded them down and added some cute buttons.


Then on Princess Tatiana's glove she added a little flower.

I think this pillow is absolutely cute! As soon as I find a t-shirt I will do a DIY. Sedusa has given me permission to steal her design :D

<3 Zerila

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogging Day 235: Pleather Bow Necklace Contest

It's that time again!!!!

This month I'm giving away my pleather bow necklace I created this month!

To make it yourself check out Blogging Day 326 !!

Again, I used to create this picture and I have said before and I will say it again, check this website out!

Alright, let's get to the important part, The Rules:

***You must be a public follower to be entered into the contest. I must be able to see you in my side bar under follower, see picture below. Once you are a public follower you are entered.

**I will announce the winner on 8.01.11 during the evening.

***How will I be selecting the random winner? As of right now I will be writing your names down on a piece of paper, folding it, through them all in a jar and pulling one out. Stone age, but it works. If I come up with a more brilliant plan, I will let you know.

When I announce the winner I will contact the winner and they will have 7 days to give me their contact information. After 7 days I will re-award the item to someone else!

I can not think of anything else that is important, but if I do, I will refine the rules. But, it looks pretty short and sweet.
Good Luck Everyone!!!
<3 Zerila

Friday, July 22, 2011

Blogging Day 232: Ladybug Bobby Pins DIY

This is a simple DIY.  I made them from fun buttons I found at Michael's.

Let's begin!

Things you will need:

Fun Buttons
Two Bobby Pins with Pads ( A friend bought them @ Hobby Lobby, but you can buy them on Ebay)
Jewelry Cutters

A friend let meuse this new glue she found. I tested them on my flat back gems to see if the glue makes them crackle.

I tested them on three different gems, and it looks like this glue crackles them too. Oh, well, the search continues.

Anyway... back to business.

Using the jewelry cutters, cut off the button backing.

Then, using your glue, glue down the buttons on the pads of the bobby pins.

Let set overnight.



Stay cool everyone! When I got to work @ 8:30 this morning it was 100 degrees. Stay cool and stay hydrated .

<3 Zerila

Workout: To hot to workout today!
Water: Not enough because of the heat today.
Veggies: Only 3 servings.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blogging Day 331: Torrid Clearance Sale!!!!

 Torrid is currently having their up to 85%off sale on their Clearance items! I always save money from each pay check for when they have these sales! 

This is what I grabbed:

I bought very summery items, most likely because it felt like 100 degrees outside today!!! Plus, here in Maryland the humidity is so high it feels like I step into a sauna every time I go outside!

For all those who are suffering in this horrible heat: STAY COOL! DRINK TONS OF WATER!!!

<3 Zerila

Water: With this heat, I know it's not enough!
Veggie: Awesome! More Cherries along with my others
Workout: Knee still a bit sore, so I just road the bike machine. Normally I would go walk, but the heat is KILLER!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging Day 330: 2NE1 New Music Video: I Hate You!

This time they did an anime video!!! They look so cute!!!!!

I'm not surprised they are putting out an anime video! They always put out videos so fast! Last album they put out three within three days of eachother.

Out of all the girls I try to pick out which is my favorite and I can never decided! They are all so AMAZING!!

<3 Zerila

Workout: A day off today. One of the moves puts to much stress on my knee, and it still sore today. Maybe Tomorrow, but as always I am walking.
Water: Only three glasses today!
Veggies: I ate so many cherries today! Very yummy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogging Day 328: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2

****Spoiler Alert...maybe I dunno, just in case****

 I have read ALL of the Harry Potter books and enjoyed them ALOT. I was at the book stores at midnight picking up the latest Harry Potter books whenever they came out. That is how Hardcore I am!

With that said; I thought this movie was amazing! I was blown away!

I went to see the movie in 3D and I was sitting there trying to figure out if it was worth seeing in 3D and I could not come up with a yes or no. In Pirates of the Caribbean, I knew I had just wasted money on seeing it in 3D, and in the Green Lantern I knew I would have lost a lot if I hadn't seen it in 3D. In Harry Potter though, I was so enjoying the movie so much I didn't care.

The movie itself started right where the last movie ended, when Voldemort found the Elder wand. From there it hit the ground and ran. The action was amazing, and  the effects, specially right at the beginning of the battle, were breathtaking.

The one thing that they got perfectly, and I personally think throughout all the movies, was Professor Snape's story. It was beautiful. It just showed how much he loved Harry's mother and how much it hurt him to lose her. I cried. It hit hard when you saw his Patronus spell. **tear**  Poor Professor Snape.

Was I completely happy with the movie? NO! Two things I did not enjoy:

1. They skipped over the whole part that Voldemort could not harm anyone because Harry died for everyone. Remember how his mother died for Harry Potter and Voldemort wasn't able to kill Harry. Will Harry did the same things for his friends and they totally skipped that!!!!!!!

2. The ending: Not enough. This is more JK Rowling's fault then the movie. The end was more of a point, to say yes all these bad things happen but life went on and will continue to go on. Still, I wanted MORE! I will always want more.

Do I suggest you see this movie? 


Am I sad that Harry Potter films are over? YES!!!!

Fans need to check out Pottermore!!! JK Rowling is going to be posting back stories to the characters we love!!

Did you guys see the movie?

What did you think?

<3 Zerila

Workout: I walked, but my legs still hurt from Saturday. Tomorrow I will do the work out again, but with ALOT more stretching
Water: Bad, I totally forgot!!!
Veggies: Even worse I didn't eat a one today!

It's hard to keep a constant mindset of losing weight! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging Day 326: Pleather Chain Bow Necklace DIY

I finally finished taking pictures. It is very simple, the hard part for me was the stitching.

The way the bow is made is not my idea, the design is. I learned how to make a bow this way on youTube a long time ago, but I can not find the video.

Let's  Begin.

Materials Needed:

Gray Thread
Chain to hang the bow on.
2 pieces of pleather ( one 7"x3" and 3.25"x0.5")

First Step:

Fold under the edges on the length on each piece of pleather and stitch down.


Fold over the larger piece of pleather


Make a mark where the middle is

Fold over both ends to the middle and have the ends over lap on each other.alittle

Using the string, on the top. Tie all three ends securely.

Stitch together everything down the middle. Use BIG stitches, as seen above, if you use tiny ones the next step is going to be hard.


Holding onto the excess strong, push the fabric up to the top stitch.

This creates the bow shape.

Once you have the shape you want, wrap the excess string around the middle of the bow.


Wrap the last piece of pleather and stitch the to ends together. You may have excess, you can just cut it off.

Stitch down one end of your chain, and wrap it around your bow. Once you have the desired measure, stitch down the other end.

Take the chain you are using to hang it on and tuck it under the tiny piece of pleather. Pull through, and it is now a necklace.



A very simple project to add a bit of punk flair.

<3 Crystal

Health Food- Does a fruit count if you had in your ice cream??
Water- I'm so bad. My body can feel when I'm bad too!
Workouts: I can feel the burn! My legs barely work!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogging Day 323: Stupid Camera

I have finally designed another item and I finally finished taking pictures of the process. It took about two hours to do the whole process. Plugged the memory card into the computer...

and realized the setting the camera was on was raw and that I do not have the program to upload raw pictures.... i.e. I have to do that stupid process all over AGAIN!!!

Soo... tomorrow... hopefully, there well be a new DIY up!

<3 Zerila

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blogging Day 316: Contest Winner

We had 10 contestants this month.

Let's pick a winner!

F.Y.I. the wine glass says 'Girlfriends are cheaper than therapists'. Just a cool wine glass from a girlfriend of mine :)

Congratulations Mary!!!

Again, I'm so sorry about the delay! I will try not to break my computer for next month's contest...

<3 Zerila

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging Day 315: I'm BACK!!! THANK GOD!

I'm back!!!


I can not tell you how hard it is to have the only computer to have access to the inernet is the one I have at work... The temptations was immense!!

I ended up getting an iPhone 4 as my new mobile internet, which by the way is very awesome!!!

Unfortunately for some reason I could not blog on my stupid iPhone4... I just got it Saturday so I well have to work out the kinks. I am currently working on a computer that I pieced together from parts around the house.... I am working on office XP..... O how low I have sunk. The imporant fact is that I can blog again!

I will announce the winner tomorrow. Sorry guys, I know I have made you wait so long, but I finally found all the pieces for my compute a few minutes ago and it is my bed time.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

<3 Zerila