Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging Day 326: Pleather Chain Bow Necklace DIY

I finally finished taking pictures. It is very simple, the hard part for me was the stitching.

The way the bow is made is not my idea, the design is. I learned how to make a bow this way on youTube a long time ago, but I can not find the video.

Let's  Begin.

Materials Needed:

Gray Thread
Chain to hang the bow on.
2 pieces of pleather ( one 7"x3" and 3.25"x0.5")

First Step:

Fold under the edges on the length on each piece of pleather and stitch down.


Fold over the larger piece of pleather


Make a mark where the middle is

Fold over both ends to the middle and have the ends over lap on each other.alittle

Using the string, on the top. Tie all three ends securely.

Stitch together everything down the middle. Use BIG stitches, as seen above, if you use tiny ones the next step is going to be hard.


Holding onto the excess strong, push the fabric up to the top stitch.

This creates the bow shape.

Once you have the shape you want, wrap the excess string around the middle of the bow.


Wrap the last piece of pleather and stitch the to ends together. You may have excess, you can just cut it off.

Stitch down one end of your chain, and wrap it around your bow. Once you have the desired measure, stitch down the other end.

Take the chain you are using to hang it on and tuck it under the tiny piece of pleather. Pull through, and it is now a necklace.



A very simple project to add a bit of punk flair.

<3 Crystal

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