Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging Day 315: I'm BACK!!! THANK GOD!

I'm back!!!


I can not tell you how hard it is to have the only computer to have access to the inernet is the one I have at work... The temptations was immense!!

I ended up getting an iPhone 4 as my new mobile internet, which by the way is very awesome!!!

Unfortunately for some reason I could not blog on my stupid iPhone4... I just got it Saturday so I well have to work out the kinks. I am currently working on a computer that I pieced together from parts around the house.... I am working on office XP..... O how low I have sunk. The imporant fact is that I can blog again!

I will announce the winner tomorrow. Sorry guys, I know I have made you wait so long, but I finally found all the pieces for my compute a few minutes ago and it is my bed time.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

<3 Zerila

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