Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogging Day 328: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2

****Spoiler Alert...maybe I dunno, just in case****

 I have read ALL of the Harry Potter books and enjoyed them ALOT. I was at the book stores at midnight picking up the latest Harry Potter books whenever they came out. That is how Hardcore I am!

With that said; I thought this movie was amazing! I was blown away!

I went to see the movie in 3D and I was sitting there trying to figure out if it was worth seeing in 3D and I could not come up with a yes or no. In Pirates of the Caribbean, I knew I had just wasted money on seeing it in 3D, and in the Green Lantern I knew I would have lost a lot if I hadn't seen it in 3D. In Harry Potter though, I was so enjoying the movie so much I didn't care.

The movie itself started right where the last movie ended, when Voldemort found the Elder wand. From there it hit the ground and ran. The action was amazing, and  the effects, specially right at the beginning of the battle, were breathtaking.

The one thing that they got perfectly, and I personally think throughout all the movies, was Professor Snape's story. It was beautiful. It just showed how much he loved Harry's mother and how much it hurt him to lose her. I cried. It hit hard when you saw his Patronus spell. **tear**  Poor Professor Snape.

Was I completely happy with the movie? NO! Two things I did not enjoy:

1. They skipped over the whole part that Voldemort could not harm anyone because Harry died for everyone. Remember how his mother died for Harry Potter and Voldemort wasn't able to kill Harry. Will Harry did the same things for his friends and they totally skipped that!!!!!!!

2. The ending: Not enough. This is more JK Rowling's fault then the movie. The end was more of a point, to say yes all these bad things happen but life went on and will continue to go on. Still, I wanted MORE! I will always want more.

Do I suggest you see this movie? 


Am I sad that Harry Potter films are over? YES!!!!

Fans need to check out Pottermore!!! JK Rowling is going to be posting back stories to the characters we love!!

Did you guys see the movie?

What did you think?

<3 Zerila

Workout: I walked, but my legs still hurt from Saturday. Tomorrow I will do the work out again, but with ALOT more stretching
Water: Bad, I totally forgot!!!
Veggies: Even worse I didn't eat a one today!

It's hard to keep a constant mindset of losing weight! 

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