Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging Day 330: 2NE1 New Music Video: I Hate You!

This time they did an anime video!!! They look so cute!!!!!

I'm not surprised they are putting out an anime video! They always put out videos so fast! Last album they put out three within three days of eachother.

Out of all the girls I try to pick out which is my favorite and I can never decided! They are all so AMAZING!!

<3 Zerila

Workout: A day off today. One of the moves puts to much stress on my knee, and it still sore today. Maybe Tomorrow, but as always I am walking.
Water: Only three glasses today!
Veggies: I ate so many cherries today! Very yummy!


Lost and Unknown said...

I like the redhead girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Park Bom is cute <3