Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging Day 104: Fun with the Dogs

I was out raking leaves with my dogs the other day and I just had to take pictures.
I would throw up a pile of leaves and my dog, Jasmine, a Chesapeake Retriever, would try to grab them.  It was hilarious! She wouldn’t just jump up in there air, she would volt and sometimes do flips. Unfortunately, I was not able to get pictures of the flips, but the ones below are pretty awesome.
The other dog in the pictures is Angel, an American Bulldog.  I tried to throw leaves up for her and she would just look at me weird.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogging Day 103: DIY: English Rose Ring

Lovely picture of the front of the ring on a candle.

 I was inspired by the English Rose to create this ring.

 I wish I could grow these. Everytime I try to grow roses, I end up killing them. 

Alirght, let's begin!

You will need the following items!

Needle and Creme Colored thread to match your Pearls
3 Pearls
Adjustable Ring with a Mount
Craft Glue (I tried with a glue gun, but it will not stay on the ring)
Pink Silky Fabric ( I used an old shirt that I stained.  I'm not sure if it will make a difference or not, but the shirt was 100% polyester.)

First step is  cut out circle like shapes of fabric that will make up the petals of your rose. You will want to start with a large circle and gradually grow smaller. Having the different shapes will create the petal effect. I cut out eight layers, but you can have as many layers as you want.

Then you will want to light your candle and while holding the center of the circle, hold the edges close to the fire, so the edges will burn. You do not want the edges to touch the flame or get to close, for if you do the edges will blacken. If you do accidently blacken the edges, just cut off the edge and re-try. I accidently burnt my edges three times.

The reason you want to hold the circle in the middle is to force the fabric to create a bowl like shape when burning the edges, like the picture below.

After you burn the edges, arrange the circles into the english rose. Once you have the flower in perfect order, thread in one stitch to hold the rose together while you arrange the pearls. Then drop the three pearls in the center, and once you see where you want them , sew the pearls in.

Once you have sewn on the pearls on, glue the rose onto the ring mount. Let the ring dry over night, just to make sure your ring is secure.

Once dry, it is ready to wear!

Have fun! Remember: Be creative, Be Imaginative and Make it your own!

<3 Zerila

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blogging Day 102: New Shoes!!!

I went shopping at Torrid yesterday and check out the my sexy new shoes!

Z Cavaricci Couture - Leopard Pump

Royale Black Glitter Heel
<3 Zerila

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blogging Day 91: Guess Who's Wearing my Jacket!

Mercedes from Glee!!!!

Season 2 Episode 6
Mercedes was rocking, in last weeks episode, the Torrid leather jacket I bought last month! It's a nice ego boast when the stars are wearing the clothes you buy.

I just checked Torrid to see if they still had the jacket in stock and they do! Just in case you have been eyeing it, Here is the link:


Speaking of Glee weren't the little glees so cute!!!

Season 2 Episode 7

Sorry this is a short blog,  I have been Christmas shopping. Everytime I go into Ebay they have the little counter reminding me how many more days left til Christmas. As of right now, there are 38 more days left and I am bound and determined not to be running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off a week before Christmas this year.

<3 Zerila

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogging Day 89: Girl, Where have you been?

The Sunday before last, I went to the Ravens vs. Dolphins game. I am generally not a fan of football, but if tell me you have field passes and sky box seating... I'm totally there!

FYI- Did you know the football field is not made of actual grass?!?! Of course, I said this on the field, with everyone looking at me as if I were missing a few bolts upstairs. Be honest, if you were not a football fan how would you have known that? You wouldn’t.

Hehehe, just to make everyone jealous, this was our view from our sky box seats.

More to come on the Raven’s game in another blog.

That Monday I was "praying-over-the-ivory-throne" sick. What made it even better was the fact that I had strange men working at my house seeing me in my Medusa look.

My parents decided this past February that they were going to redo the kitchen. Eight months later; having the living room, dining room, main bathroom, downstairs living room, my bedroom, hallway, and now the deck and roof; they are still here and it doesn’t look like they are leaving anytime soon.

My Mom and Dad keep finding things they want to redo in the house. Next, is to rip the other side of the downstairs apart and redo those rooms. Plus, in my parent’s defense, whoever made this house cut A LOT of corners and we have had do a lot of needed repairs done.

Side Note: You will find the weirdest things when you start ripping out walls. When they were redoing the downstairs, they had ripped out all the walls.  My room is downstairs in the basement, and I am not a morning person at all. I like to think as the first 15 minutes of the day as my ‘Zombie Time’.

I was shuffling out of the bathroom, without my glasses on, and the morning light was hitting just underneath the stairs and all I see are red eyes, fur, and teeth underneath the stairs. Boy, did I wake up quickly.

My first thought was some animal monster thing had dug its way through our foundation and was trying to get into our house. I, of course, did the very adult thing, and ran upstairs to my Daddy and had him investigate the scary monster thing. It ended being a part of Halloween costume. The eyes were just red beads, the teeth were plastic forks, and furry was stuff you could find at the craft store. 

I had a monster underneath the stairs, sealed into the walls for who knows how many years…

Anyway… back to my point, the guys had taken a break and hadn’t been at our house for two weeks. They were back that Monday, because when I was shuffling upstairs to get water in my I’m sick attire, and my hair giving medusa a run for her money, I look up and see them looking at me with perplexed expressions.

Looking back on that moment, I find it to be hilarious, at that time though…not so much.

With the game Sunday and being sick Monday and still recovering the rest of the week. I got behind with school work and chores. This past weekend I had all intentions of getting caught up, but the thought that I had not played any video games lately crossed my mind.

I thought, “Hey, I could just play an hour or two of the game and then go on with whatever needs to be done…”


I was playing Dragon Age: Origins and the only reason I walked away Sunday Night, was because ‘The Walking Dead’ was coming on and I didn’t want to miss it. Girl has to have her priorities

On, the plus side, Dragon Age is an awesome game! Check out the videos below for Dragon Age 1 & 2 trailers. Yes, you can preorder for Dragon Age 2 now! Looking at the official Bioware website, it doesn’t give an exact date, but it does mention a Dragon Age Facebook Game!

Side Note: Square Enix has two games on facebook now; Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals. Have not tried them yet, let me know what you think.

Another Side Note: As soon as I figure out how to print screen on an Xbox, I’ll post a picture of my Dragon Age character. Or, if anyone knows how please leave a comment. Thank you!

Anyway, that is what I have been up to.

<3 Zerila

30 Second Out Now TV spot

Dragon Age 2 - Announce Trailer: Destiny

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogging Day 78: Yummy Artichokes


I was curious one day about how to cook artichokes.  When I go out to eat, I would always look for foods with artichokes in them.  I would also grab a jar of artichoke hearts as a treat anytime I was made to suffer by going to the grocery store right after church. Everyone and their mother are in the store right at that time.

By the way, the perfect time to go grocery shopping is at 10 pm. I used to work late hours and would go to the grocery store right after work and no one is there! I had the whole store to myself! If you have ever had the urge to go all Fast and Furious with your grocery cart, 10pm grocery shopping is for you! Vin Diesel eat your heart out!


Now that I am trying to eat healthier (Which by the way, does anyone feel the irony, that after a blog about cupcakes, I start talking about eating healthy? Yeah, me too.) I wanted to learn how to cook fresh artichokes. 

My first tool, for whenever I want to learn something new, is always YouTube. If you want to learn something, someone in this crazy world has created a video how to do it. After watching the video below, I was drooling and ready to devour artichokes.

Is it the best video? I don't know, but he was incredibly helpful in showing all the steps on how to simply boil an artichoke. Plus, his mustard and olive oil combination was yummy in ones tummy! Artichokes have definately become part of my weekly diet.

I want to challenge you readers. In the fight to walk away from junk food, find a food that you have always been curious to try and try it. Not sure how? The internet has a wealth of knowledge and if you need something visual, like I do, try YouTube.

I always make a point of trying food once. Of course, I might be gagging a second later, but I at least I tried it. This is coming from the girl who had to try all the nasty Harry Potter Bertie Bott's jelly beans. Must admit, ear wax flavored jelly beans has a very distinct taste. No judging, right?

 Have fun!

<3 Zerila

How To...Eat an Artichoke

Blogging Day 77: Zombie Cupcakes

This past Friday for work, we had a Halloween party, and I decided to dress up as a zombie. We also had a to bring a side dish or dessert, and my first thought was to make vampire cupcakes. I had made them for a friend, who was a fan of True Blood, for her birthday a couple months back.

They are basically vanilla cupcakes with cherry filling. I found them extremely cute and tasty. 

I thought dressing up as a zombie and bringing vampire cupcakes was a bit of cross branding. You know when you Chanel sunglasses while carrying a Prada bag. Very no-no. ( Of course I do it all the time, but do as I say not as I do. ) My point is,I decided to be a little inventive and create the ' ZOMBIE CUPCAKE'. 

I named it myself. I am so proud of my little zombies.  Sometimes I find my awesomeness to be to much, don't you? Alas, its a burden we must all endure.

Ingredients you will need:

Vanilla/Yellow/White Cupcake Mix( already mixed together)
Green Food Coloring
Cupcake Cups
Can of Cherry Pie filling
Chocolate Powder
2 Pastry bags
Icing Tips
Chop Stick

First drop about three drops of green dye into your already mixed together cake mix. 

I am using a Kitchen Aid, but any mixer will do. Even if it's the old fashion, stone age tool, the spoon. Keep adding three drops at a time until you get the desired green color that YOU want.

Line your cupcake pan with the cupcake cups and cook them according to the cake box instructions. Or if you are hard core, your own recipe.  I have yet to master the cake, my cake's always come out bland and tasteless, but one day I will achieve my goal of making a delicious cake by hand.

Now that you have all the cupcakes baked. Set them aside to cool down.

REMEMBER: DO NOT walk away and leave your cupcakes unprotected. Your family members need only one minute alone with your cupcakes to cupcake-nap them.

 Next you need to puree the cherry pie filling. Again, I used the Kitchen Aid, but any way you can get those cherries pureed is good.

After your cupcakes are cooled down, cut a triangle shaped hole in your cupcake. Set aside the cut out top.

Take your pureed cherry pie filling and fill one of the pastry bags. Fill up the holes in your cupcakes with the filling.

Now, take the piece that was cut out and remove the access cake, so that all you have left is the crust and cover up the filling.

Set the cupcakes aside, and now work on the icing.

Again, add three drops of food coloring, mix and continue until you have the desired green color.

Using a plain circle tip at the end of the pastry bag, fill up the bag with the lovely green icing. Ice the cupcakes until you have a nice layer of icing.

Place your cupcakes in the fridge for about 15-30mins, so the icing will set.
After the icing has hardened, remove from fridge.
To smooth out the icing you will need an icing spatula and a cup of hot water.

Using the heated spatula, smooth out the icing. I find it easier when the icing is set because I do not move all the icing, just the top layer.

Now with the chopstick you are going to make impressions that look like teeth. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but after a while I got pretty good. Amazing, the kind of skills you will acquire if you try.

Taking the chocolate powder, sprinkle around the teeth marks to get the desired rotted out bite look. You can also wet the end of the chopstick and pat the chocolate powder onto the teeth marks. I did both, it all depends what you find easier.

Now, for the last step, take your left over pureed cherry filling and add the blood marks. Again, practice makes perfect.


Perfect for Halloweens parties, horror movie night, zombie movie premieres, all night marathons of Resident Evil 4, or in celebration of the new show 'The Walking Dead'( Trailer Below).

Have fun! Remember: Be Creative, Be Imaginative and Make it your own!

<3 Zerila

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blogging Day 76: I VOTED!

I 'm currently sitting here watching Fox News and very excited about the election results.

The question now, is will there actually be change.

Time will tell.

Last note, to all my voters, regardless who you voted for, you are awesome!

<3 Zerila