Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogging Day 103: DIY: English Rose Ring

Lovely picture of the front of the ring on a candle.

 I was inspired by the English Rose to create this ring.
 I wish I could grow these. Everytime I try to grow roses, I end up killing them. 

Alirght, let's begin!

You will need the following items!

Needle and Creme Colored thread to match your Pearls
3 Pearls
Adjustable Ring with a Mount
Craft Glue (I tried with a glue gun, but it will not stay on the ring)
Pink Silky Fabric ( I used an old shirt that I stained.  I'm not sure if it will make a difference or not, but the shirt was 100% polyester.)

First step is  cut out circle like shapes of fabric that will make up the petals of your rose. You will want to start with a large circle and gradually grow smaller. Having the different shapes will create the petal effect. I cut out eight layers, but you can have as many layers as you want.

Then you will want to light your candle and while holding the center of the circle, hold the edges close to the fire, so the edges will burn. You do not want the edges to touch the flame or get to close, for if you do the edges will blacken. If you do accidently blacken the edges, just cut off the edge and re-try. I accidently burnt my edges three times.

The reason you want to hold the circle in the middle is to force the fabric to create a bowl like shape when burning the edges, like the picture below.

After you burn the edges, arrange the circles into the english rose. Once you have the flower in perfect order, thread in one stitch to hold the rose together while you arrange the pearls. Then drop the three pearls in the center, and once you see where you want them , sew the pearls in.

Once you have sewn on the pearls on, glue the rose onto the ring mount. Let the ring dry over night, just to make sure your ring is secure.

Once dry, it is ready to wear!

Have fun! Remember: Be creative, Be Imaginative and Make it your own!

<3 Zerila

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