Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogging Day 78: Yummy Artichokes

I was curious one day about how to cook artichokes.  When I go out to eat, I would always look for foods with artichokes in them.  I would also grab a jar of artichoke hearts as a treat anytime I was made to suffer by going to the grocery store right after church. Everyone and their mother are in the store right at that time.

By the way, the perfect time to go grocery shopping is at 10 pm. I used to work late hours and would go to the grocery store right after work and no one is there! I had the whole store to myself! If you have ever had the urge to go all Fast and Furious with your grocery cart, 10pm grocery shopping is for you! Vin Diesel eat your heart out!


Now that I am trying to eat healthier (Which by the way, does anyone feel the irony, that after a blog about cupcakes, I start talking about eating healthy? Yeah, me too.) I wanted to learn how to cook fresh artichokes. 

My first tool, for whenever I want to learn something new, is always YouTube. If you want to learn something, someone in this crazy world has created a video how to do it. After watching the video below, I was drooling and ready to devour artichokes.

Is it the best video? I don't know, but he was incredibly helpful in showing all the steps on how to simply boil an artichoke. Plus, his mustard and olive oil combination was yummy in ones tummy! Artichokes have definately become part of my weekly diet.

I want to challenge you readers. In the fight to walk away from junk food, find a food that you have always been curious to try and try it. Not sure how? The internet has a wealth of knowledge and if you need something visual, like I do, try YouTube.

I always make a point of trying food once. Of course, I might be gagging a second later, but I at least I tried it. This is coming from the girl who had to try all the nasty Harry Potter Bertie Bott's jelly beans. Must admit, ear wax flavored jelly beans has a very distinct taste. No judging, right?

 Have fun!

<3 Zerila

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