Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogging Day 89: Girl, Where have you been?

The Sunday before last, I went to the Ravens vs. Dolphins game. I am generally not a fan of football, but if tell me you have field passes and sky box seating... I'm totally there!

FYI- Did you know the football field is not made of actual grass?!?! Of course, I said this on the field, with everyone looking at me as if I were missing a few bolts upstairs. Be honest, if you were not a football fan how would you have known that? You wouldn’t.

Hehehe, just to make everyone jealous, this was our view from our sky box seats.

More to come on the Raven’s game in another blog.

That Monday I was "praying-over-the-ivory-throne" sick. What made it even better was the fact that I had strange men working at my house seeing me in my Medusa look.

My parents decided this past February that they were going to redo the kitchen. Eight months later; having the living room, dining room, main bathroom, downstairs living room, my bedroom, hallway, and now the deck and roof; they are still here and it doesn’t look like they are leaving anytime soon.

My Mom and Dad keep finding things they want to redo in the house. Next, is to rip the other side of the downstairs apart and redo those rooms. Plus, in my parent’s defense, whoever made this house cut A LOT of corners and we have had do a lot of needed repairs done.

Side Note: You will find the weirdest things when you start ripping out walls. When they were redoing the downstairs, they had ripped out all the walls.  My room is downstairs in the basement, and I am not a morning person at all. I like to think as the first 15 minutes of the day as my ‘Zombie Time’.

I was shuffling out of the bathroom, without my glasses on, and the morning light was hitting just underneath the stairs and all I see are red eyes, fur, and teeth underneath the stairs. Boy, did I wake up quickly.

My first thought was some animal monster thing had dug its way through our foundation and was trying to get into our house. I, of course, did the very adult thing, and ran upstairs to my Daddy and had him investigate the scary monster thing. It ended being a part of Halloween costume. The eyes were just red beads, the teeth were plastic forks, and furry was stuff you could find at the craft store. 

I had a monster underneath the stairs, sealed into the walls for who knows how many years…

Anyway… back to my point, the guys had taken a break and hadn’t been at our house for two weeks. They were back that Monday, because when I was shuffling upstairs to get water in my I’m sick attire, and my hair giving medusa a run for her money, I look up and see them looking at me with perplexed expressions.

Looking back on that moment, I find it to be hilarious, at that time though…not so much.

With the game Sunday and being sick Monday and still recovering the rest of the week. I got behind with school work and chores. This past weekend I had all intentions of getting caught up, but the thought that I had not played any video games lately crossed my mind.

I thought, “Hey, I could just play an hour or two of the game and then go on with whatever needs to be done…”


I was playing Dragon Age: Origins and the only reason I walked away Sunday Night, was because ‘The Walking Dead’ was coming on and I didn’t want to miss it. Girl has to have her priorities

On, the plus side, Dragon Age is an awesome game! Check out the videos below for Dragon Age 1 & 2 trailers. Yes, you can preorder for Dragon Age 2 now! Looking at the official Bioware website, it doesn’t give an exact date, but it does mention a Dragon Age Facebook Game!

Side Note: Square Enix has two games on facebook now; Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals. Have not tried them yet, let me know what you think.

Another Side Note: As soon as I figure out how to print screen on an Xbox, I’ll post a picture of my Dragon Age character. Or, if anyone knows how please leave a comment. Thank you!

Anyway, that is what I have been up to.

<3 Zerila

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