Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogging Day 223: Fun With Perler Beads: SUBSCRIBED!


My younger brother has started his own blog called, 'Fun With Perler Beads'.

You guys should check it out! He has been  doing 8-bit gaming characters.
Here are some of my favorites! Can you guess what characters they are?

Hmmm... do you think if I ask, he'll make me a Hello Kitty one? I'm his awesome, ultra-cool, older sister.... probably have to think of some form of bribery... probably in green paper form.

<3 zerila

Fruit/Water; I was ssooo bad! I think two servings of each. I totally forgot all about it! *sigh*

Blogging Day 222: Jeff Dunham & Skittle Touch Videos

Don't Forget to become a public follower to qualify  to win a Hello Kitty M.A.C. lipstick! See 'Blogging Day:215' for rules and details!

You have a 1:7 chance to win at this very moment!!

No blog for the past two days. Sorry :( I was cooking last night and today is Dungeon and Dragon night. Plus, afterwards we had to watch a bit of Jeff Dunham. I can not stop laughing when I watch his videos.

This is one of my favorite skits! Make it talk...hehehe

While I was looking around on YouTube I noticed skittles is doing a new ad campaign called 'Skittle Touch'. I couldn't stop laughing at the end of this particular video, but creeped out at the same time. What do you think?

<3 Zerila

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blogging Day 220: I Hate Cleaning My Room!

I can not stand cleaning my room! It is a very annoying task, but unfortunately a necessity. My room is a project that I will be working on for eternity.

Plus, once you clean everything, you never find anything! Before, everything was all over the place, on the floor, on the chair, on the dresser, hanging off the lamp ,and now that you have put everything away, you can no longer have a visual of what you currently own. The insanity of it all!

It doesn't help either that I clean up in spurts. Half of my room will be clean and the other half will be a complete dump. Then the next week, when the the clean side has turned into a dump, I clean the dump part so it is clean. I can never clean my room all in one go. It is impossible. I wonder what Frued would say about that.

Either way, I'm working on one of the halves of my room today, kinda sorta. I've put a little effort into it. Just a tiny bit. A very ting wee bit. Ever since I decided to clean my room I've remembered a thousand of other things that I need to do. Like, get caught up on 'Being Human', homework or picking out an outfit for a wedding I'm attending. 


Life is so complicated sometimes ;op


<3 Zerila

Veggie/Water: I did 3 servings of fruit and 5 glasses of water. Still not where I want to be everyday, but I'm getting back into the motion of eating healthy. It's hard!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blogging Day 219: Sucker Punch

My brothers and I saw 'Sucker Punch' today. The movie is trippy to say the least.  Trippy, like 'Inception' was trippy. When you go see this movie the main thing to remember is that this movie is all about what is going on in the main character's head and at the time she is drugged up on meds that she is given in the insane asylum. Plus, the main character has gone through quite a lot of traumatic things in a very short time span. Once, you understand that the movie may begin to make since, as it did for me.

It definitely isn't an Oscar performance by any of the actors, this is an action film, nothing more, nothing less. Once they get to the action part, it is AMAZING!!!!

My brother's reaction to the film was, " It was really good until the main character, Baby Doll, started talking,".

Now at first I was like, oh no he didn't! But, then I agreed. The first part of the movie, she didn't speak at all, you got all the emotions from her body language. Once, she did start talking, a kinda of spell was broken. But, also the character started finding her voice and slowly throughout the movie she became stronger.

Hmm... yes that is deep. I like that. Baby Doll, at first is a very weak character, but in the end she gains a lot of strength to confront her enemies. Hmmm... I'm drowning in my deepness.

All in all, awesome action, awesome special effects, and amazing soundtrack. My favoirte part of the movie was the soundtrack. It was perfect! I have never seen a movie with a more perfect soundtrack beore. Amazing!

OH!! For those that like Baby Doll's Skirt! Secret Life of a Bionerd did a tutorial on how to make it.

I will be adding a link to Bionerd's Youtube webpage to my 'Awesome Websites'. I love her channel, she is very crafty and I enjoy her comedy shorts. She is a must watch on Youtube. Plus, she does videos for ThreadBanger!!!

Veggies/Water: I had 5 Glasses of water and 4 servings of vegatables. For the first day back I thought I did pretty good. I will do better tomorrow. I  keep reminding myself, no chips with lunch, but fruit.

<3 Zerila

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blogging Day 218: Remember to Clean Your Make-up Brushes!

Cleaning your make-up brushes is extremely important and the way I clean them I learned from Michelle Phan. All she uses is anti-bacterial dish soap and olive oil(if you guys don't know this yet, olive oil is not only the best oil to use when cooking, but a an essential beauty product to have!).

I do not do this everyday... I clean mine on the weekends...

I know, I'm so bad. It's just with work, school, and life I do not have all the time to set aside to do this simple task. But, every weekend I do set aside time to clean all my brushes.

I do not use the Brush Guards though. I just dry mine my using a paper plate and have the brush handles laying on the edge and having the brush laying down on an angle.

Having them at the angle will have the water drip down on the plate. I do not normally have them all on one plate, I usually have about three paper plates out to dry my brushes, but for visual purposes I had them placed all one plate.

It is a slow processes, but cleaning your brushes is important, because like Michelle said, your brushes can be full of bacteria. 

What is even better I like using apple scented anti-bacterial dish soap, so my brushes a nice apple smell when all cleaned.

FYI- I'm a major fan of Michelle Phan. The girl taught me how to put on make-up! Every trick I have learned about make-up was taught by her. People can say what they want about her, but I'm a fan! I'm added a link to her YouTube  account under my awesome websites.

Last note, I know ever since my Grandpa died I have not kept track of my vegetables/fruits and waters. I will start doing that tomorrow. Grief effects you in the weirdest ways. With both my Grandma and Grandpa's death I found myself dropping alot of things that I used to do. It will take me awhile to pick them back-up. They are not big things, just little things like watching what you eat.  Of course, watching what you eat is a big thing... Either way I will start it again and I will have a short note at the end of each blog.

Oh!! Don't forget to become a Public Follwer, as of right now you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the Hello Kitty M.A.C. lipstick!! Don't miss your chance! Check you 'Blogging Day 215' for details!

<3 Zerila

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blogging Day 217: Lancome's Free Gift W/Purchase

Lancome is currently having a gift with purchase event @ Nordstorms and per it is going on until April 3rd. You have to spend $39.50 and you get to choose 6 sample beauty products, a make-up brush and a bag. As I have said before, I am a sucker for gift with purchases.


Out of all the choices, I choose the eyeshadow pallet, lipstick, concealer ( I <3 their concealer) , Genifique-a youth activating concentrate, Renergie, and High Resolution- Refill-3x.

I have no idea about the moisturizers, but I asked what they would recommend for me and they said these would be good for me. I have yet to find a good skin care system, so I'm cool with trying anything.

Lancome's concealer is what I use everyday, so that was a simple pick. Best concealer as of yet, any others you would recommend?

The make-up brush, well, a girl can never have too many make-up brushes. I actually am starting to have quite a collection myself.

Now onto the eyeshadow and lipstick.
Here are the swatches.

The lipstick color is 'Wannabe'(all the way to the right). I love the color. It is the perfect shade for my lips.

M.A.C and Lancome lipsticks are my favorite. I do not own any other brands. I own tons and tons of lip glosses.I have never been a lipstick girl, but the few I have, are M.A.C. and Lancomes.

Next are the eyeshadows, going from right to left int he picture: Camisole(shimmer), Kitten Heel(shimmer), Lezard(matte) and the very faint, but there, Honeymoon(sheen).

I love these colors, they are absolutely beautiful and they look amazing with my hazel eyes.

Now, in order to get such goodies, I decided to try their foundation. Specifically, their 'Teint Idole' which I am I converting too.

 Normally I use Covergirl, and I have for years, but not any more. The coverage is amazing and lasts all day long, even after a full day at work. As work day, I mean stressful, analizing bids and rubbing my face all day job.

Now, I don't know if you guys have noticed these little barcode boxes that have been appearing on our products lately.

I have seen them on things ranging from crackers to movie posters in People magazine. This is reason number 5643 that I need a smart phone, I want to know what these little boxes lead too.

 If you have no clue what I'm talking about, I mean the application that smart phones have. I believe is uses the camera function and scans the little box and brings up the video it is linked too. TOO COOL!

I am so technology impressed :)

Hey! Don't forget to Follow me! As of right now my readers have 1 in 3 chance to win the Hello Kitty M.A.C. lipstick.

<3 Zerila

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blogging Day 215: Hello Kitty Mac Lipstick Contest!

It's Contest time!

I went shopping at 'The Cosmetics Company Store' at the Outlets and guess what I found!

That's right Hello Kitty Mac Lipstick!

It even has an imprint of Hello Kitty of the lipstick itself! Too cute!

I was silly enough to miss the selling of the the line, but I was so happy to have found this lipstick!

Of course, I bought one for myself and I thought... hmmm maybe I should do a contest!

So here we are, my very first contest!


*To enter you must become a public follower... i.e. I should be able to see that you are following me, as seen in the picture below.

*US residents only, sorry guys. Shipping is crazy!

*I will announce the winner 4.01.11 during the evening. So.... the official cut off time is 3.30.11, but technically it's win I start getting the drawing together.

*How will I be selecting the random winner? As of right now I will be writing your names down on a piece of paper, folding it, through them all in a jar and pulling one out. Stone age, but it works. If I come up with a more brilliant plan, I will let you know. Or hey, if you have a brilliant plan, let me know.

When I announce the winner I will contact the winner and they will have 7 days to get me their contact information. After 7 days I will re-award the lovely lipstick to someone else!

I can not think of anything else that is important, but if I do, I will refine the rules. But, it looks pretty short and sweet.

Anyway, here are more pictures of the lipstick.

Like my blue nails?

Good Luck everyone! If this goes well, maybe I will have more contests for my awesome readers.
<3 Zerila

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blogging Day 211: Fun With SugarPill!

My Bestie recently went shopping @ Sugarpill and she let me play with the make-up she bought! They are amazing colors. If it wasn't for the fact that I am going shopping tomorrow for make-up, I would be ordering some of the glittery awesomeness myself.

I love the packaging designs. Very Gothic Princess.

Now, let's see what she got!

This is the 4-Color Palette / Cold Heart.


I put the quarter down to give a size reference for how big these items are. The colors are Poison Plum, Bulletproof, Tako, and Afterparty. I have swatches which I will show you at the bottom.

This is a a very beautiful hot pink color called Dollipop.

I love this color, not my favorite from this pick. But, very Barbie.

Now off to my favorites. The Sparkly Loose Powder!

This is Magpie. A beautiful dark blue/greenish color. For some reason I think greek goddess when I see this color.

This is my second favorite Magentric.

Sparkly pink goodness.

Now, Paperdoll is my favorite color.

Beautiful! I love wearing pink, but with my eyes, purple looks amazing on them. 

Plus, this is a perfectly pastel color for spring.

Last, but not least, Goldilux.

A beautiful splash of gold for your eyes. Very Ke$ha.

Now for the swatches.  First set of swatches are without eye primer.

Dollipop-Bulletproof-Poison Plum-Afterparty-Tako


Now using Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which I think I may be converted. I normally use Urban Decay, but I used my friends primer since I forgot mine. I took these pictures at work :)

I think I may have to do an experiment to see which works better.

Does anyone have any preferences?

Now, doesn't the primer make a difference. I would definitely recommend using a prime. It would help keep your eyes shadow from going into your creases.


Hmmm... I'm liking the gold more and more.

Dollipop-Bulletproof-Poison Plum-Afterparty-Tako

I love the blue! It is so electric!

Now there is only one problem. It is not with the loose powders, but with the pressed. There is so much color/pigment that it stains your skin when you use a primer.

This is a picture about 5 hours later and multiply washes with warm water and soap.

I did eventually use Lancome's Eye Make-up Remover and all but Dollipop was removed. I tried to take a picture, but it is too feint to for the camera to pick-up, but still there.

Of course, your thinking, maybe the primer is just that good. Yes, that could be true. But, I did not have a problem washing off the loose powder when it was on the primer.

All in all, besides the stain factor, amazing colors and I will be buying the loose powders.

Anyone else use Sugarpill and have the stain problem?  Is it really that big of a deal? My bestie doesn't seem to think so, besides the next day your just going to cover your eyes with my eyeshadow anyway.

<3 Zerila

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogging Day 210: Life Goes On

It's funny how tiny worlds are destroyed and yet you look around and life goes on. In the past year I have lost two grandparents. The weirdest thing for me was to look around and realize that while my family is in this great pain, everyone continues on. My life has stopped and life continues to pass me by. How unfair...

With what happened in Japan, they are estimating 10,000+ people died that one morning. Whole villages wiped out and only a few survived. Can you imagine? It seems as if that many lives were snuffed out all at one moment, we as a human race would feel that. We would be some how connected and feel 10000+ lives snuffed out in a moment. 

Alas, I have been in a slump this past week and I'm sorry for not posting. I'll get my butt back in track. As the title says life goes on.

My prayers are still with Japan as they continually go through their crisis and the workers who stayed in the nuclear plant after it was declared unsafe. I wonder if I'll ever save such courage.

I will donate, which is the only way I can help. I hate feeling helpless...


Alright, enough touchy feely stuff. I just wanted to put this out there.  I have other posts I am working on, but I wanted you to know, my reader, that I have felt and still feel what is going on. Zerila's Life isn't only about make-up, fashion and other joys. I have my pains...

Live everyday as if it is your last.

It's hard, and I will try. Will you try with me?

<3 Zerila

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogging 203: Geeking Out on YouTube

I have a little addiction to YouTube and these are a few videos that I GEEK out on.

Awesome trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Cracks me up, especially when the one guy answers, " Conceirge!"

I have never watched Naruto all the way through, but this vid is hilarous. Bad Ass!

I <3 cheeseburgers and I am a fan of the Twilight books/movies. When I saw this I could not stop laughing. I think even if you do not like the series, you will get a kick out of this spoof.

PS- I luv cheeseburgers, but I will never luuuuuvvvv cheeseburgers.

There is not a D&D night that a reference to this video is not made. If you are a D&D gamer, you have to watch this video!

Who doesn't love the All Spice Man! This spoof from Sesame St is hilarous, even better that it's Grover.

I added this one because I just watchd and it is a must watch. Even better that they called it 'Jennifer Aniston's Sex-Tape"!  Hehehehe advertising at it's finest. I doubt a super bowl commercial could do better.

<3 Zerila

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogging Day 202: More Sexy Shoes!

I got paid today and look what I found on eBay!

I only buy Torrid shoes online. I know they will fit me. I have never had a problem with buying their shoes. Plus, they are SUPER SEXY!

I can not decided which I like best. I like the cheetah print, but I also like the the little bow on the back of the black ones.

Which do you like best?