Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blogging Day 218: Remember to Clean Your Make-up Brushes!

Cleaning your make-up brushes is extremely important and the way I clean them I learned from Michelle Phan. All she uses is anti-bacterial dish soap and olive oil(if you guys don't know this yet, olive oil is not only the best oil to use when cooking, but a an essential beauty product to have!).

I do not do this everyday... I clean mine on the weekends...

I know, I'm so bad. It's just with work, school, and life I do not have all the time to set aside to do this simple task. But, every weekend I do set aside time to clean all my brushes.

I do not use the Brush Guards though. I just dry mine my using a paper plate and have the brush handles laying on the edge and having the brush laying down on an angle.

Having them at the angle will have the water drip down on the plate. I do not normally have them all on one plate, I usually have about three paper plates out to dry my brushes, but for visual purposes I had them placed all one plate.

It is a slow processes, but cleaning your brushes is important, because like Michelle said, your brushes can be full of bacteria. 

What is even better I like using apple scented anti-bacterial dish soap, so my brushes a nice apple smell when all cleaned.

FYI- I'm a major fan of Michelle Phan. The girl taught me how to put on make-up! Every trick I have learned about make-up was taught by her. People can say what they want about her, but I'm a fan! I'm added a link to her YouTube  account under my awesome websites.

Last note, I know ever since my Grandpa died I have not kept track of my vegetables/fruits and waters. I will start doing that tomorrow. Grief effects you in the weirdest ways. With both my Grandma and Grandpa's death I found myself dropping alot of things that I used to do. It will take me awhile to pick them back-up. They are not big things, just little things like watching what you eat.  Of course, watching what you eat is a big thing... Either way I will start it again and I will have a short note at the end of each blog.

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<3 Zerila

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