Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blogging Day 219: Sucker Punch

My brothers and I saw 'Sucker Punch' today. The movie is trippy to say the least.  Trippy, like 'Inception' was trippy. When you go see this movie the main thing to remember is that this movie is all about what is going on in the main character's head and at the time she is drugged up on meds that she is given in the insane asylum. Plus, the main character has gone through quite a lot of traumatic things in a very short time span. Once, you understand that the movie may begin to make since, as it did for me.

It definitely isn't an Oscar performance by any of the actors, this is an action film, nothing more, nothing less. Once they get to the action part, it is AMAZING!!!!

My brother's reaction to the film was, " It was really good until the main character, Baby Doll, started talking,".

Now at first I was like, oh no he didn't! But, then I agreed. The first part of the movie, she didn't speak at all, you got all the emotions from her body language. Once, she did start talking, a kinda of spell was broken. But, also the character started finding her voice and slowly throughout the movie she became stronger.

Hmm... yes that is deep. I like that. Baby Doll, at first is a very weak character, but in the end she gains a lot of strength to confront her enemies. Hmmm... I'm drowning in my deepness.

All in all, awesome action, awesome special effects, and amazing soundtrack. My favoirte part of the movie was the soundtrack. It was perfect! I have never seen a movie with a more perfect soundtrack beore. Amazing!

OH!! For those that like Baby Doll's Skirt! Secret Life of a Bionerd did a tutorial on how to make it.

I will be adding a link to Bionerd's Youtube webpage to my 'Awesome Websites'. I love her channel, she is very crafty and I enjoy her comedy shorts. She is a must watch on Youtube. Plus, she does videos for ThreadBanger!!!

Veggies/Water: I had 5 Glasses of water and 4 servings of vegatables. For the first day back I thought I did pretty good. I will do better tomorrow. I  keep reminding myself, no chips with lunch, but fruit.

<3 Zerila

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