Monday, March 28, 2011

Blogging Day 220: I Hate Cleaning My Room!

I can not stand cleaning my room! It is a very annoying task, but unfortunately a necessity. My room is a project that I will be working on for eternity.

Plus, once you clean everything, you never find anything! Before, everything was all over the place, on the floor, on the chair, on the dresser, hanging off the lamp ,and now that you have put everything away, you can no longer have a visual of what you currently own. The insanity of it all!

It doesn't help either that I clean up in spurts. Half of my room will be clean and the other half will be a complete dump. Then the next week, when the the clean side has turned into a dump, I clean the dump part so it is clean. I can never clean my room all in one go. It is impossible. I wonder what Frued would say about that.

Either way, I'm working on one of the halves of my room today, kinda sorta. I've put a little effort into it. Just a tiny bit. A very ting wee bit. Ever since I decided to clean my room I've remembered a thousand of other things that I need to do. Like, get caught up on 'Being Human', homework or picking out an outfit for a wedding I'm attending. 


Life is so complicated sometimes ;op


<3 Zerila

Veggie/Water: I did 3 servings of fruit and 5 glasses of water. Still not where I want to be everyday, but I'm getting back into the motion of eating healthy. It's hard!


Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

The room cleaning doesn't get any better! I have to fight my slovenly habits at every turn! I too do a flurry of cleaning in sections, feel very pleased with myself and then it all explodes again! lol!
I started keeping a fruit basket at my desk to help with the fruit front.
also, the winner is 1:4 since you can't win your own lippie stick, nut.

Zerila said...

Oh, yes 1:4, but at this very moment it is 1:6!

Now, I think what hapopens is that, you clean one part of your room and then the other part just spreads out alittle more to cover up the clean spot. Like the blob!

Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

do ya think that the blob alive? like it has the thought of "hmm. i'll think that i'll move over here just to get on her nerve" my problem is I start to look for something, tear the closet apart looking for it and not put it back together again. I'm still looking for my stretchie pants since last fall. *sigh*

Zerila said...

That's all a problem. Once you have organized everything, you can't find anything. In the process of looking for the organized items, I just threw everything back on the floor... a vicious cycle.