Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogging Day 210: Life Goes On

It's funny how tiny worlds are destroyed and yet you look around and life goes on. In the past year I have lost two grandparents. The weirdest thing for me was to look around and realize that while my family is in this great pain, everyone continues on. My life has stopped and life continues to pass me by. How unfair...

With what happened in Japan, they are estimating 10,000+ people died that one morning. Whole villages wiped out and only a few survived. Can you imagine? It seems as if that many lives were snuffed out all at one moment, we as a human race would feel that. We would be some how connected and feel 10000+ lives snuffed out in a moment. 

Alas, I have been in a slump this past week and I'm sorry for not posting. I'll get my butt back in track. As the title says life goes on.

My prayers are still with Japan as they continually go through their crisis and the workers who stayed in the nuclear plant after it was declared unsafe. I wonder if I'll ever save such courage.

I will donate, which is the only way I can help. I hate feeling helpless...


Alright, enough touchy feely stuff. I just wanted to put this out there.  I have other posts I am working on, but I wanted you to know, my reader, that I have felt and still feel what is going on. Zerila's Life isn't only about make-up, fashion and other joys. I have my pains...

Live everyday as if it is your last.

It's hard, and I will try. Will you try with me?

<3 Zerila

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