Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogging 203: Geeking Out on YouTube

I have a little addiction to YouTube and these are a few videos that I GEEK out on.

Awesome trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Cracks me up, especially when the one guy answers, " Conceirge!"

I have never watched Naruto all the way through, but this vid is hilarous. Bad Ass!

I <3 cheeseburgers and I am a fan of the Twilight books/movies. When I saw this I could not stop laughing. I think even if you do not like the series, you will get a kick out of this spoof.

PS- I luv cheeseburgers, but I will never luuuuuvvvv cheeseburgers.

There is not a D&D night that a reference to this video is not made. If you are a D&D gamer, you have to watch this video!

Who doesn't love the All Spice Man! This spoof from Sesame St is hilarous, even better that it's Grover.

I added this one because I just watchd and it is a must watch. Even better that they called it 'Jennifer Aniston's Sex-Tape"!  Hehehehe advertising at it's finest. I doubt a super bowl commercial could do better.

<3 Zerila


Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

you shoulda also included "Buffy vs Edward" which is complete awesomness at its best. she woulda totally staked him.

Zerila said...

Hmm... I dunno... we've had this convo before I think Buffy would have like Edward. I do not think she would have killed him.

Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

she woulda totally killed him! he's a pouf! Angel was all dark and broody and she rammed a sword through him to save the world and then brought him back. also, she let spike die in the hellmouth, again to save the world. what can edward do? sparkle at her? oooo, scary.

Zerila said...

Edward could read minds!!!! Besides, Buffy was into the broody vamp guys and Edward is verry Broody.