Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blogging Day 331: Torrid Clearance Sale!!!!

 Torrid is currently having their up to 85%off sale on their Clearance items! I always save money from each pay check for when they have these sales! 

This is what I grabbed:

I bought very summery items, most likely because it felt like 100 degrees outside today!!! Plus, here in Maryland the humidity is so high it feels like I step into a sauna every time I go outside!

For all those who are suffering in this horrible heat: STAY COOL! DRINK TONS OF WATER!!!

<3 Zerila

Water: With this heat, I know it's not enough!
Veggie: Awesome! More Cherries along with my others
Workout: Knee still a bit sore, so I just road the bike machine. Normally I would go walk, but the heat is KILLER!

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