Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogging Day 272:

I have found the coolest geek-awesome website ever:

I've been a major fan of the new series on HBO Game of Thrones. 

I was looking on YouTube for the previews for episode 2, when I found a review for episode 1 by ThinkHeroTV. Enjoying the review, I checked out the others, and they had reviews on Doctor Who and Vampire Dairies. AWESOME! I found myself watching for the reviews to check for the episodes online.

I found out they had a website and WOW! I found a Geek Heaven! They had trailers for shows I didn't even know about! Like did you know that JJ Abrams is doing a show on Alcatraz? I didn't either!! Major fan of JJ Abrams since Lost.

Though.... I have no idea what JJ Abrams was thinking with Under Covers. I loved the shows premise... but with the sexy trailer and then the name UNDER COVERS?! Cheese-tastic in a non-good way.

My point is that I found another amazing website that is going to be listed under my 'Awesome Websites'. All you sci-fi geeks have to check it out.

<3 Zerila

Veggies/Water: Awesome again! Today I have found out I like radishes. Very yummy in ones tummy.

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