Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogging Day 263: Finals Are OVER!!!!

I have finished finals,  not a huge deal since I only took piano and acting; but I had to practice and I am a last minute person.Slackers unite... tomorrow!

 Piano was OK,  but Acting 101 was amazing! In all my years of schooling I have never taken  a theater class before, but I will definitely be taking more. If you guys ever get the chance to take an acting class, TAKE IT! You will not regret  it. It is hard, because you have to memorize lines and you have to 'profile' your character, but it's totally worth the work. This semester I was a foul-mouthed Tupperware sales woman, a shell-shocked coroner and a nun. Who were you this semester?

The best thing about this class was that I took it with my brother and I got to tease the stuffings out of him and the characters he had to play. The best line ever was one the professor gave to my brother," If all else fails, stare at the breasts" LOL! That will be funny until the day I die!!!  

With school done, it is now time for Summer and my garden.

I hope everyone is doing well with their finals!

Chocolate covered-coffee beans are perfect for staying awake for studying. I made the mistake of eating them like popcorn once and I was wired all day. They do not allow me to eat them at work anymore...


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Lost and Unknown said...

Glad your Finals went well. ^^