Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blogging Day 248: Otakon 2011 Haul

Last blog on Otakon 2011, but I wanted to show my Haul.

I save a little bit of money ALL year long to go shopping in the Dealers Room and Artist Alley to buy super cool stuff that I will not find at any other shops(except online, which is not the same!)

I have only collected one card set all my life  and that is the Sailor Moon Card Playing game. Can you tell that I have been collecting for ever? The cards are kept in an awesome Trapper Keeper and Seaquest DSV is written on the side!

Sailor Moon was my first anime. I would get up at 5am when I was in middle school to watch Sailor Moon! I have the mangas! The CDs that I currently have left are in a Sailor Moon CD case!  I own the Sailor Moon RPG game!

You will always remember your first anime, that's all I gotta say ;op

Of course, I grabbed the wrong packets... Oh well, more Sailor Moon is never a bad thing.

These were from the artist alley and I can never pass up more sparkly necklaces. 

Intriguing thing... at her table she had bracelets made out of matchbox cars. Yes you read right, matchbox cars. Not for me, but I'm currently now on the look out for anyone else in my normal everyday travels wearing a matchbox car bracelet.  

This was too cute! I know have a lucky cat that waves. They had little pandas that waved too, but I enjoyed the print on this cat. 

Of course the Dealers Room had a stall selling 2NE1 awesomeness!!!!

This is a vinyl canvas bag and on one side they have their looks from their music video "Lonely". 

On the other their looks from " I am the Best". Personally, my favorite look from "I am the Best" is their "metal-biker-chick" look, but oh well, still an awesome bag.

Super cool coffee cup to sport around the office to win over converts.

Forget Lady Gaga, 2NE1 is the stuff!

Can not pass up a Hello Kitty Plushie, especially ones with big pink bows!

This is a key chain teddy bear that I could not pass up. Another minimun for my desk to ward off people who give me work.

This is a magazine that was selling in the dealer's room. I've been looking for a magazine to geek over for my japanesse love. This may not be it, but it's still cute.

Cute little rings, that I may or may not change into hair clips and yes the way on the left is a playstation controller! Too cute!

This is a cute cellphone charm. I've been into strawberries lately and this was just too cute to pass up. PLUS!!! It smells like chocolate!

Last, but not least, hair accessories. I think my favorite is the black cat!

This year was more accessories then actually anime. Plus, I usually buy some bento items for my collection but I didn't even see anything that screamed I must have.

That is it for Otakon 2011, can not wait for next year!

<3 Zerila

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Lost and Unknown said...

Oooh! You got some really awesome stuff! :D I want to steal some of it.