Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogging Day 269: Shopping on Etsy @ Bubble Up! by Bethie B.

I was creating a treasury list when I ran into the shop Bubble Up! by Bethie B. She sells fun delicious,smelling soaps, and at the time they were 40% off on all soaps.

I went to town and originally my total was around $70, but somehow, I got it down to $30.

These are the soaps I bought:

Top Row Left-Right: Chocolate Covered Cherry, Sugar Cookie, Brown Sugar Baby, French Vanilla Sugar
Bottom Row Left-Right: Strawberry Fields, Chocolate Milkshake,Candy Apple, Undercover Strawberry

I also bought the 'A Rose is A Rose' soap, but I have been using it and didn't realize I would be blogging about these soaps at the time. After I used the soap for the first time I knew I had to tell you guys about them. The soap leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth, and smelling amazing. Even better then the Bath and Bodyworks stuff.

My recent tweets have been related to these soaps, incase you were curious. Anyway, You have to know one thing about me, I'm a very curious person. When I got these soaps and smelled the 'Undercover Strawberry', the chocolate smelled SO real. I just had to know! So, I tasted the chocolate smelling soap. It doesn't taste like chocolate at all... I honestly was surprised. At least now I know and for now my curiosity is sated.

I know what you are thinking, what is wrong with this girl? Is she on crack? No. I tried sniffing coke once, and the ice cubes got in the way and with that never understood the hype.It just that these soaps smell SO amazing and real!

I think I'm going to gift some of these at Christmas time. Which would be a perfect reason to buy more and smell her other soaps.

Either way, check out Bubble Up! by Bethie B.

<3 Zerila

PS- I am finally on twitter @Zerilaslife. I have done a total of two and still learning the ropes. I have recently become a fan of Stan Lee, mainly because he seems like a nice guy for someone who created a comic empire. His twitter is @TheRealStanLee.

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