Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogging Day 243: Otakon Pictures

This past weekend I was at the Baltimore Convention for Otakon with my two of my brothers.

Otakon is convention that celebrates all anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture.

According to the news 31,000+ people showed up!

That is alot of people!! ALOT!

Otakus infested the Inner Harbor of Baltimore!

I attend panels, watched anime, went shopping, attend a Lolita fashion show and took tons of pictures!

Today, I'm going to show off all of my pictures! Way to much to explain in one blog.

Next year I'm dressing up! That way while people take pictures of me I'll have an easier time of taking pictures of them!

Not a very good picture, I know. Her cosplay was to amazing to delete!

From one of my favorite animes Skip Beat!

This anime puts new meaning to," Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Best liner ever came from this anime:

"If apologizes were good enough, there would no need for HELL!!


This girl was posing for pictures. Epic pose!

Display of Al in the Dealers room.

Full Metal is another one of my favorite animes

Ouran Host Club

Ryu from Street Fighter

A very cool Gundam display.

This is my favorite cosplay the whole weekend. It doesn't show in the picture, but her make-up was amazing! 10 points all the way!


This guy was awesome! My question is how did he get the thing in the building and up the stairs.

Epic Win!


 Granted this was a Japanese Anime Convention it did have other awesome characters:

Number 1, of course, is Doctor Who!

Of course, the first Doctor Who thing I see is an awesome Dalek! The only other villain I saw was an Angel Assassin and that was on my way into a movie... I couldn't find her afterwards! I was so mad!

I saw a lot of girls dressed as the Tardis... I wonder if it has anything to do with the episode, "The Doctor's Wife". I did see a Tardis Lolita... unfortunately I was unable to get her picture too.

This guy actually has a David Tennant look.

These guys I saw walking in on the second day. I was curious why she had all the marks on her face, until I realized she was Amy Pond!

As I was talking to the guys above, this guy walked up. This is the only person the whole entire weekend that walked up for a picture. It was nice not to awkwardly go up to a person and as for a picture.

On a girly side note, I like this guys eyes... hehe

O.O... Allan is hiding in the background. Can you see him?

"As you WISH!!!!"

Creepers from Minecraft

Shaun of the Dead. You haven't seen this movie, you should!


Zelda, but not sure which game.

Ōkami Amaterasu from the video game Okami.

Too Cute!!!!

I was nervous at first about asking for pictures, but by Sunday all my inhibitions were gone.

Which is your favorite? What do you think I should cosplay as next year?

<3 Zerila

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