Friday, August 20, 2010

Blogging Day One: A Bored Zerila

Here I am sitting with my mother bored out of my mind. My Dad, two brothers and Grandpa are currently in Africa on 'The Great Manly Hunting Exploration' trip and my mom, my two dogs and I have the house to ourselves. Which at first glance is amazing; no noise of an alien biting the dust off the XBOX, no manly grunts or other such manly type noises one's would expect to come out of a man. Just my mom quietly reading a book and me enjoying a nice glass of raspberry wine surfing the net.

Yes the quiet is very nice... for the first two days. My mom is amazing, but she is not as crazy as my brothers. Right now, turning on the XBOX 360 and playing tag team on Resident Evil 5 would be so awesome right now. I unfortunately do not see my mother enjoying such a game. Not that my mother hates video game. I was unable to play Dragon Origins for the longest time because every time I went to play the game, I would find my mom glued to the TV putting the Evil Shadows in their place. Unfortunately she has never been too fond of a first person shooter.

By the way I am a 28 year old still living at home with my parents. Yes.... you are reading it correctly. I am an unmarried, plus size, 28 year old woman still living with mommy and daddy. I would like to blame it on the current economic state that our world is in, but that would just be lying and I feel as a blogger to its reader, I should be truthful. I find being able to afford a wardrobe and super cool shoes way more important than the pride of living on my own and surviving on ramen noodles. Girl has to have priorities and I have them! Go me!

I am going to school to get a better job, so please do not think I am a total loser. A tiny part of me is hoping I will meet a nice guy who finds me absolutely luscious and who would love to take me away and become my sugar daddy husband. I have hope, for I know Vin Diesel is still single! Until then though, school is my only hope.

Anyway, back to the point, here I am bored. We have already ordered pizza, watched movie and did the whole mess around with make-up thing.

So I thought, “Hey! Maybe I should start a blog!"

Me, of course says, “Awesome idea! Let's go get another glass of wine so I can be all cliché and stuff."

So here I am blogging about my fantastic idea to write blogs. Of course some of you are sitting there thinking; the girl is just a drunk and is just looking for any excuse to have another glass of wine. Actually it is more the girl is just looking for another excuse to act out a cliché. If I could actually find my glasses and it wasn't 90 plus degrees outside, I would be wearing a pair of glasses with a boring sweater on because all the writers in movies wear their glasses and old sweaters when they write.

There are thousands of thoughts and opinions I wish to write down, for I do have many thoughts and opinions which I think you will find very important! Alas, I have finished my second glass of wine and it is making a tiny bit sleepy. So, I am off to sleep, happy that I was able to feed my boredom.

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