Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogging Day 15: 100 Things to Do Before I Die

Yes, I know it has been forever, but this is a big one. I created this list a long time ago and I decided to put it up here and maybe blog about how I am going to do these things.

1. Partiapate in the Olympics and win a Medal.

2. Fit in to my mother's wedding dress ( i.e. lose weight)

3. To be able to keep my room clean for one month straight

4. Finish one of the books that I have begun to write ( hopefully the Immortal's Travels or Winter's Walk)

5. To own THE Bombay Bed ( everytime I go to the mall I always stare in longing)

6. To learn a foreign language and be good in it as my own.

7. Go on a cruise

8. To get straight As and be part of the honor's society

9. To own a motorcycle

10. Get a tattoo

11. To own a Ford Trail Blazer

12. To be able to deal with the fact that I am no thte most beautiful woman in the world, but to be the most beautiful woman in the world to one person.

13. Learn to Spell

14. To figure out the gift GOD has give me.

15. Eat at an incredibly fancy, and expensive resturant.

16. To own my own dog.

17. To have children

18. To get married.

19. To have a perfect relationship with my mother.

20. Philip, long with my other brothers, to be my best friend and for us to stop fighting over leadership.

21. To have all my non-wanted body hair removed by electrolysis. ( dude, if you had any idea how much it hurts to shave ones legs...)

22. To kiss me a Hot Scotish Highlander.

23. Swim with Dolphins

24. Wear a bikini

25 Plant a rose bush/ garden that stays alive.

26 Learn to ride a horse.

27. Ask one of my crushes out. DONE!! 11.21.08

28. Learn to surf

29. Go to Hawaii

30. Go to Russia and bath in one of the Hotsprings

31. Go to Space.
32. Go to the Mediterrean

33. Walk the Great Wall of China

34. Learn to be more lady like ( more graceful and such)

35. Deal with my past.

36. Go to the Caribbean

37. To go to a club and not freak out because there are so many people.

38. Eat alone at a sit-in resturant and be comfortable about it. DONE! 04.13.11 @ Crave in the Mall of   America.

39. Work on a cruise ship.

40. Work at Victoria Secert.

41. Work a year or so in the Peace Corp.

42. Go skinny dipping

43. Go surfing in Japan's indoor surfing thingy. ( i have no idea what its called, but there is a building in Japan where you can go surfing inside. How cool is that?!?!?)

44. Learn to ski and not fear it ( there is just something wrong about going straight downhill with sticks attached to your feet...weird)

45. Go for a balloon ride.

46. Learn to dance

47. Learn to belly dance.

48. Learn to Fly ( when I was in Delware i meet a guy who had his own plane and air stripe in his backyard, how awesome is that !?!)

49. Learn to play the paino.

50. Read the Bible from cover to cover.

51. Walk from the tip of Scotland to the Base of England.

52. Visit in the Inca Ruins.

53. Be in a movie.

54. Meet Famous Actor/Actress ( Already done, first Susan G Komen Breast Cancer walk I did in DC I meet and took a picture with Gabrielle Union)

55. Learn to Snowboard

56. Learn to Scuba Dive

57. Go Deep Sea Diving ( yes there is a difference)

58. Own a house.

59. Change a Bad boy into a Good boy

60. Recieve my Doctrates.

61. Make a gay guy straight by just being me :)

62. Have laser eye surgery.

63. Be a District Manager of something.

64. Make it to an epic level character D&D ( currently level 8 character(6-rogue and 2-ranger)

65. Go to a rock concert.

66. Have my portrait painted.

67. Make love on a forest floor.

68. Go see Oprah live.
69. Shower in a waterfall.

70. Experience weightlessness

71. Make up a When I die box ( full of last words to people, and my will and change it yearly)

72. Go on the King Da Ka ( for u peeps its the largest and fast roller coaster EVER!!!!

73. Raft through the Grand Canyon

74. Donate money and put your name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park.

75. Make love in those huge champagne glass jaguzzis

76. Run a marathon

77. See a musical on Broadway

78. Tkae a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi.

79. Join a woman's society.

80. See the northern lights

81. Be a beta tester for a cool game

82. Make love in all 50 states.

83. Do the splits

84. Attend a Grand Ball

85. break a world record

86. Hike the Appalachian Trail

87. Take my mom to germany.

88. Have an earth shattering Kiss

89. Visit Ground Zero( Already done, last year, 2009, I went go New York with two friends and I looked at ground Zerp inbetween the construction gates. It look like a big hole. Interesting that they found those ships underneather the two towers)

90. Go to a spa and get the super duper treament.

91. Put a 1000 piece puzzle together.

92. Share a kiss on a ferrace wheel

93. Scream out all my pain, fears and frustration

94. Get a pedicure. I have done this already... lots of times... very nice :) First time a hot guy did it :) Sweet!

95. do a charity walk/run Done!!! Summer of '08 I have currently done two. BUt my first one was the Susan Komen walk in DC. Very cool I got to take a picture with Gaberial Union. It was hot though, I think one the hottests days in June for DC.

96. Go whale watching

97. Be outside for a whole day

98. Ride a gondola in Venice

99. Ride a bicycle build for two

last but not least ....

100. Join the mile high club

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