Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogging Day 71: Confessions of a Geek

Before you all keep reading my blogs and think I'm super awesome and cool, I must reveal a few things to you. I am a Geek. Yes, this is for all of you that did not realize that I was a  Geek. For those of you that know me and are like, duh, let me tell you, its a shock to some people that I am! I know, its amazing how blind they are to who I really am.
Here are a few things I like that deem geeky to the outside world:

I like roleplaying. All my life I have been roleplaying and putting groups together and starting adventures. In fact I have play many massive online roleplaying game.

I like everything pink. I saw a pink tool set in the magazine the other day and wanted it just because it was pink. I own 6 purses, just because they are pink.

I am a customer service rep for a janiorial and kitchen supply company.

I still live with my parents.

I love to read books. I would like more to read a book then hang out with a crowd.

I do not smoke, do drugs or have sex( the whoole I'm a Christian and believe sex is for marriage thing. Hard, but one God says no, I find it best to listen).

I drive a silver stylish stationwagon  and I think its cool.

Any given day I would love to hangout with my family more then my friends. Around my family I am much more free in my actions. They already know I'm stupid and seen me at my worst moment anyways.

I think guy geeks are cute. There's just something about the glasses and other geeky quailities that I can't get enough of  

I am a geek and I always will be. In fact I go to a support group, where I stand in front of a crowd and say:
   "Hello my name is Zerila and I am a Geek. I know that being termed a Geek is not bad, but a definition of how I am different from the masses of the world. There is nothing wrong with being a Geek."
Well, not really, but I would

Anyways, I love things that most people would fine weird.  I want to hear all my fellow geeks! Confess your true selves to the world.

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