Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogging Day 73: Ten Things I Learned from Resident Evil 4

After 23 hours, 19minutes and 34 seconds of my life I have finally defeated Resident Evil 4(an old game, but I’ve just been busy). I know ...I know. I am so awesome.
I started watching my brothers playing the game and I thought, hey this is cool.( I beat the game before them by the way :OP ) Hours later Zerila is addicted!!!! At times it was sleep... Resident Evil 4...sleep... Resident Evil 4…sleep.....RESIDENT EVIL 4!
 In the middle of the night it starts to get hard to focus on your target.
My ultra cool stats were:
    Hit Ratio: 63%... Well they died in the long run anyways
    Enemies Killed:  974.... Yeah baby yeah!!!
    # of times killed: 71...stupid bad guys
My brother and I compiled this list of 10 important things we have learned since playing this game. Very valuable information that everyone should know
1.  Just because you shot a person's head off doesn't mean he/she is dead. Only when he/she turns to dust, is he/she dead.  (Stupid Las Plagas...)
2.    If you hear a chainsaw, it's time to start running. (My other brother says this should be a universal rule
3.    Never go on a vacation to rural Europe. You'll end up in a village ban fire or worse...
4.    Rural villages in Europe with only about 20 houses have close to 600+ population.
5.    If you join a religion and they require you to shot unknown substance into your body... it’s time to find a different path of enlightenment.
6.    Ballistic missiles are another name for the female attributes.  (Seriously, who writes this stuff?!?!?!)
7.     If you are not familiar with the waters you are about to swim in think twice. Who knows what is living underneath those calm waters.
8.    When you decided to become a President's daughter knowledge in the gun department would be a wise idea, especially before going on vacations in Europe. It makes it easier for your rescuer to rescue if you aren't completely incompetent.
9.     Do not attack the cows.... they have a mean kick.
10.  Even though the entire area is going wacko, you can still find some quack who is trying to make money off of it.
These are the most valuable things I learned while playing the game. If you have more important knowledge that needs to be shared with the world, Please add your wise words.
Now, off to Resident Evil 5! Plus, I get to play a girl this time! I don't know about you other gamer girls, but sometimes I just pass over a game because there is no option to play the best gender of all time!
<3 Zerila

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